Sunday, 13 December 2009

Santa Finish and Mistake with Wedding Sampler

My santa is finished and hung up in the kitchen, but you can see closely that there has been some colour in the fabric, my daughter wanted to surprise me and put it up on my wall but when she ironed it the red run, i have washed it but you can still see it a bit, i don't know what happened but its on the wall anyway.

I have also been gridding my wedding sampler which is going to be my next project, and i have noticed that i have made some right cock ups!
So do i just carry on, frog it all or just start on a fresh piece of evenweave. I knew i wasn't happy with it but didn't know why, so i am pissed off with it, but i am determined that i am going to get it finished before i start my HAED and i am itching to start it so the sooner i finish the wedding sampler the sooner i can start my mermaid.

And finally i mentioned the idea of using hubby's fishing line for gridding and he muttered something like over his dead body and bloody typical as he was leaving the room, so didn't think that went down well, but after using the sulky threads i am really glad i tried it.  i got it from local sewing shop as it is a sewing machine thread but i also saw some on eBay, well i am now going to decide what to do about this wedding sampler

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I won!!!

I have been neglecting my poor blog life recently, busy busy busy and not doing things i want to be busy with either, but such is life for many so i am not going to complain ( much)

Anyway now i can actually get on the laptop- only because the kids ares getting ready for school. i can show you a update of Ricos, Santa Wall hanger, hoping this will be easliy finished by Sunday.

I have also had a try at gridding using Sulky threads as recommended by people on the HAED Bulletin Board and me of little faith has just pulled them out and it really works!! so gridding is the way for me to go if it makes no more ( or certainly less) frogging then i am all for it., and i wouldnt have had the problem of having a Santa thats not in the middle of my fabric, i still don't know how that happened.

I have also got my 25ct Luguna for the mermaid HAED and i only needed 16 colours out of the 120 that are in the picture, but yet again i am waiting for threads.

And finally i WON the giveaway that Lisa was doing on her blog, Thank you So much, I have already spent the money on some more Lugana for a Freebie SAL that they are doing on the HAED BB, and yes its a mermaid, no surprise there! lol. I  am still in shock as i never win anything!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Santa Claus Number 1- added pictures

Yes my threads arrived and I have finished LK Santa.

I have also bought a HAED which I love mermaids but hubby not that keen and if I am going to spend months (maybe years) stitching a design I want it on my room, so I bought this and he likes it, I don't know if it's the ship or the boobs but he's a man so you can make your own mind up. (you need to click on the picture to see all of it)

Finally my hubby bought me a cross stitch kit. I was stunned to put it mildly so instead of finishing another Xmas project I started last year I am now stitching another Santa, still in shock though

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Nearly There

Still no Gypsy wagon hubby says to shut up about it now, but i am still annoyed!!! But I am nearly there with Lizzie kates 'A good Night' just waiting for the threads that i ordered TWO weeks ago to arrive then i can finish it off and start another Santa. Yes i am Santa mad!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Exchange revealed

Stitching has been a bit on the slow side, and i am still waiting for some threads to continue with Lizzie Kates A good Night, but i did manage to stitch his beard and hats trim with wisper thread.

I also got some more ATCs from Janet and Beth. Thank you i love them!

From Beth:

From Janet.

I can also reveal my Lizzie Kate exchange that i sent to Jan. I am 'borrowing' the pictures that Jan has put on her blog as i forgot to take any pitures of it before i posted it off.
I enjoyed stitching this as it was a excuse to you DMC's satin threads for the first time. I stitched the top of the stocking with wisper thread too and i really was in two minds to keep it or not lol ( i will have to stitch this one again for me) as i think it is really cute!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Exchanges, Birthdays, and PIF

Well its been a while since I posted, as things have gone a bit sh*t around here, and then on top of it all I have misplaced ( i am not saying lost yet as i am hoping itwill turn up, although i have turned the caravan/car upside down) my gypsy wagon.

i took it on holiday I had stitched over half of it and now, is disappeared and i am really p****d off about it.What is it with Bothy Thread designs, the first one i did got burnt in the fire ( that was nearly finished) and this one, has gone for a walkabout, grrrr i think they maybe something in this, ie dont bloody stitch them!

So I have been stitching Lizzie Kates, A good night, until it turns up (Can you tel im hoping it does)

And yesterday i got some of my birthday ATC's from a exchange that i am in. So for the first time i had something to open ( my family say its too near xmas - i just think their tight lol)

From Ronel:

From Lynn

From Marie

from Cindy Mae

An then i got another surprise yesterday as my Lizzie kate exchange arrived too From Heather, which is just right for me( although hubby wishes it wasnt), so a Huge thank you to Marie, Ronel, Heather Lynn and Cindy-mae.

And I can show you the ATC that i stitched for Beth's Birthday ( i did put some buttons on the side but they kept falling, off, i think i need to invest in some super glue!

AND last but not least I need the addresses from Kath and Claire for the PIF, ( my email is in my profile) so then within 12 months, voila!! I can send you my PIF, now on to the ironing

Monday, 19 October 2009

PIF anyone?

well i cant show you anything that i have been stitching, as they are all for exchanges , which it had been hard to do anything what with work and the kids latley but i am getting there and hoping to find a way to finish them off.

I have also been look at doing a HAED QS but when i came to find one out i remembered they where in the fire, DOH!! But i may have to see if i can get one of these storykeeps instead (without hubby knowing of course lol)

AND... i was picked out by Ronel for a PIF, my first!! so now its my turn.
The rules for this is:

 If you would like to be entered into the draw to receive a piece of my hand stitched work within the next 12 months  from the 1st November then please leave a comment on this post, I will then enter all the names in a draw( if i have more than 3 comments that is )on 1st November and reveal the 3 winners.
If you are chosen as you must offer the same on your blog to keep the kindness going( and give something nice to someone that isnt a bleeding bill!)

and finally speaking off something nice in the post today i got my ATC from Lynn today, so three weeks today i will be opening it on my birthday, and to be honest i have had to put it away so i dont open it, but it will be nice to open it on my birthday as i dont normally get owt as 'its too near christmas'  hence me going to treat myself and buy a ipod touch, sod the miserable gits lol

So thank you Ronel and Lynn, and hoping i can post some piccies next time

Monday, 5 October 2009

The Witches Are A Brewing (Finished in other words)

Finally finished Brig & Doon, cant believe it took so long doing it Vonnas way, that i actually went back to the old way of using the needle and much quicker, but yes the threads were getting tangled and twisted again, pah! i give up, either slow and neater or faster but not as neat, will have to see how the mood takes me.But i did enjoy stitching it why didnt i start stitching for halloween before there are so many designs that i want to stitch.
I bought some glow in the dark thread by DMC so i want to stitch something for halloween with that.

I am also struggling which LK desgin to chose for the LK exchange, i have narrowed it down now so i will let me duaghter chose, so hopefully i will get it sent off by next week.
And i have finally done some more work on the gypsy wagon, i finshed all the red on page 3. I have decided that there are that many colour changes per page that i am going to do each colour then move onto the next,i just hope that i havent gone wrong along the line, else i will be pulling my hair out!!,

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

T'old Witches Are Growing

Well I after reading Tammy's blog, who has  the most amazing blogger header i have come across ( i love old fashioned glamour pin ups) i came across Vonna's way off getting her stitching to lay flat. Now i know that i am not the neatest stitcher, but i will give anything a go, and honestly it is working, although it is slower than normal( hopefully until i get used to get) i did try splitting, but god i was at it for ages ans i was so sloowwwww so i packed that it, i would be lucky to do one LK in a year never mind a month( yes i am that slow), So Brig & Doon, is coming along, slowly but very neat for me!

and i can show you the  atc i did for Lynn, i have just got to have a look for a birthday card to stitch for some one at work who has really helped me out since the fire, which knowing me may well take some time, hoping to crack on with t'old witches by next weekend

Friday, 25 September 2009

Finally Finished!

Well after bloody frogging on this thing all week, i can finally say thank god its finished, such a simple design and it was awful to stitch, i dont think my head was in the right place. I mean i love christmas and halloween- its a shame is not as big over here than it is in the US but I am so slack, i have loads that i wanted to stitch for halloween, but i do a xmas sampler, doh! yes thats a bright idea. So rushing this ( and no i wasn't going to stop it half way through, nope i was going to be good and finish the bloody thing) was a BAD idea!

Then to top it off i spilt all my beads all over the place, so now well as you can see i will have a fun weekend sorting them all out ( well maybe not this weekend, Halloween stitching to do)

So this weekend i am starting this 'Brig & Doon' I come across the pattern the bottom of a box in a second hand shop, its folded into little bits, and got marks all over it, but i am hoping i can make it out ok, besides it only cost me 10p, Bargain, i have dyed some Joblean today, was supposed to be clouds effect but hubby butted his nose in and now it looks nothing like dark clouds, just a dark piece of Joblean MEN!

And yes better late than never, my monthly TUSAL, yes its still in the little jam jar, and the cottons are getting pushed down even more, but hey its stopping the thread being stuck to all the clothes,settee and all over the floor.

And whats happened to blogger, and wheres spell checker !?!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Men Have No Idea About A Woman's Needs

Well i have fallen in love with this little clutch bag, how cute is it, you can find it here. I asked hubby if i could get it, but alas he is a tight ******* he just doesn't understand that i just dont want it i NEED it, but hence he is only a man and what do they know, so i guess not then, ( better not tell him i want a ipod touch then)

I have also decided what to stitch for the LK Exchange, now if only i could get off here and do some stitching. I am going to sulk now lol

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I Have Finally Done A French Knot

I am doing a happy dance and no i haven't finished anything major, but i have mastered the art of FRENCH KNOTS!!!, yes i can actually do the now, OK they are not perfect but there are getting better as i am getting on. For years i would avoid them using beads instead, but yesterday i decided that i would do them and i did one, then another and hey presto, i did thirty!!, so yes they look a bit crap some of them but now i want to do more!!!

So this is the progress that i have made on the Silent Night Sampler, you wouldnt believe that the green leaves took me two days to do, i was visited by kermit, so many times that i nearly chucked the thing in the bin, but now its slowly coming on, hoping to have it finished by the weekend, as i have the Lizzie Kate exchange to stitch up.

Anne has got her card now so i can show you this and what i pig it was to stitch on, took me a hell of a lot longer to stitch than i thought it would do, black was a lot easier to stitch on than this, but it turned out ok.

Now im back on broadband i can finally read and comment on other peoples blogs again, no more dial up, oh bliss!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

How Soon Is Xmas?!? (pictures now added)

Well I did get some stitching done on holiday, but i am starting to regret starting it, as i was listening to the radio and there is only 16 weeks to Christmas, 16 WEEKS!!!! argh i need to get stitching for xmas and i started this thing , think it may be a case that it gets done at weekends. Why the bloody hell did i start this gypsy wagon!! I am also stitching a card for someone,not saying who in case they see, but its a bloody nightmare stitching it on the blue evenweave, the black aida i used with Marilyn was not as bad as this, so instead of being a quickie stitch it aint turning out that way.

I have also done another ATC, but its flying its way over the Atlantic so cant show that just yet. now i need to try and get this card done sharpish else it will be very late.

I have also dyed some opalescent evenweave that i had a pale blue, for my christmas project that i am going to stitch first. I haven't stitched a traditional piece before, i must be growing up !

And finally i have framed marilyn and she is now on the wall in the room, my mum saw it and wanted me to stitch her one, for her birthday next week, well she can nelly!!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Happy Dances, New Starts and a Winner ( oh and plenty of pictures)

Yes I am late posting but bloody dial up is a nightmare, anyway I have been stitching all night and every morning to get Marilyn finsihed beofre i go on my hols tomorrow, camping in Cornwall, lovely if its sunny, shite if its raining all day.

Now I have started on Bothy Threads Cut-Thru Gypsy wagon, I am taking this on holiday so i might have a bit more done when i get back.I also got this adorable pinkeep from Becky, I love the fabric she chose for the back, I really enjoyed this exchange, so i have signed up for round two

And I can finally reveal the first pin keep i stitched for the Lizzie Kate exchange, think i got carried away with the pins though., and i hope its the case of practise makes perfect.!!!!

And here is another ATC i stitched for Marie way over in Australia.

And finally the winner of the goodies from my 100th post giveaway is......... LORI!!!!, so email me your address ( email address is in my profile) and i will post them off to you as soon as i get back from my hols!!!

Would you believe it has took me nearly two hours to load all the pictures on here today, and i should be packing not surfing, oh well.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

100th post giveaway

Well its my 100th post today, and its took a while to get here, so to celebrate this i am having a little giveaway. So i have Margaret Sherrys Little Fairy Kit, and 3 The Drawn Thread Halloween Charts to pass to the person picked out.
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and put a link to it on your blog, and thats it. I will post the winner on the 1st August ( already!! you now when your getting old when the months fly past quicker each year)

Here is the update of my TUSAL, not bad for two months i think, but its only a jam jar, so its not that big, think i will have to move up to a bigger glass container soon, Hubby thinks its a great idea, as there isnt thread over everything in the house lol.

And Finally i have finished the Lizzie Kate exchange and it will be in the post this morning, its the first time that i have finished a design this way, and i think it is a case of practise makes perfect with this, but you will see what i mean when the other person recieves it, hopefully they will like it. I was stuck in what way i could finish it, then i have looked on the web site this morning and I saw links to different ways to finish off, figures! lol
I also did Maries ATC and that will be flying over to Oz this morning too, so tonight i can make a start on MM, as I have to clean the kitchen cupboards today oh what fun.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Back Seat for MM

Been busy stitching cards for my hubby to give his bosses since they treated him last week and to the headteacher that has left the school that i work at,so Marilyn has been put to one side for the past week while i finish off the Lizzie kate Exchange and stitch another ATC

The first card is Chickadee Fisherman

This one has been adpated from Margaret Sherry's 12 days of Christmas(to be honest i think it looks crap, not happy with this one)

And the flower card was out of issue 124 of the CrossStitcher magazine

Kate finally got her Butterfly ATC for her birthday, was a few days late, sorry.

and finally this is what i have done on Marilyn, still not finished page two yet, will i ever get there!!

still not able to read most peoples blogs yet as it takes too long to load the page when they have the back grounds on, i cant even see mine, i can post and thats about itAnd it took just over an hour grrr,lol so will have to catch up when broadband is finally on again, maybe next month the way its going.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Can I Buy Another Pc Stitch Darling, pleaseeeee?

I have been busy stitching for exchanges so no pictures to show, besides I'm on dial up at the moment so i don't have the time to sit and wait for them to upload, i just have to somehow finish off my piece from the Lizzie Kate Exchange, but the ideas are slow coming.
i also am a bit pissed off today, as yes i know i am slow sometimes, but i thought i would have a go at designing a pattern to stitch a wedding card for someone so i thought i would use PC Stitch that I treated myself to last year, it wasn't till i had hunted for it everywhere for 2 hours AND been down to my dads in case i had left it there, that i remembered that i had lost it in the house fire,oh Bloody Hell!, just mentioned it in passing to my hubby that its gone, and he said
'Your not buying it again we cant afford!'
GRRRRR wait till he wants to buy some cigs from his brother, what do you want to bet he says he can get them, what an Arse!!!
Rant over now, will try and catch up on the blogs after nearly a month away, when hopefully i am back on broadband and i can bury the dial up back in the stone age- how did we manage before broadband? now I'm off to see if i can see a cheap disc of PC stitch on eBay ( that's if the page loads some time tonight)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Marilyn, ATC and TUSAL

just a quickie post today, i have been stitching on Marilyn on a night, as i am getting bitten to death by the bleeding midgies outside after 7 so i cant do much in the garden, so she is coming along faster than normal. I wanted to get her face done asap to see if you can see the line, depending which side i look i can still see a bit.

This is also a pic of my first ATC that I did for Janet, I have took the picture from the Exchange blog, as i took the picture of it on my phone, and i cant find the lead to put it on the pc.

And finally I joined the Totally Useless SAL, which to be honest is not all my scrap ends from this month from what i have stitched, most of it is from the bleeding threads that went up in the vac, which i still haven't re-threaded. It's only a small jam jar, so there's not that many in. Right got to get back to the pile of ironing that has been left to grow as i have been stitching every spare minute.