Monday, 19 October 2009

PIF anyone?

well i cant show you anything that i have been stitching, as they are all for exchanges , which it had been hard to do anything what with work and the kids latley but i am getting there and hoping to find a way to finish them off.

I have also been look at doing a HAED QS but when i came to find one out i remembered they where in the fire, DOH!! But i may have to see if i can get one of these storykeeps instead (without hubby knowing of course lol)

AND... i was picked out by Ronel for a PIF, my first!! so now its my turn.
The rules for this is:

 If you would like to be entered into the draw to receive a piece of my hand stitched work within the next 12 months  from the 1st November then please leave a comment on this post, I will then enter all the names in a draw( if i have more than 3 comments that is )on 1st November and reveal the 3 winners.
If you are chosen as you must offer the same on your blog to keep the kindness going( and give something nice to someone that isnt a bleeding bill!)

and finally speaking off something nice in the post today i got my ATC from Lynn today, so three weeks today i will be opening it on my birthday, and to be honest i have had to put it away so i dont open it, but it will be nice to open it on my birthday as i dont normally get owt as 'its too near christmas'  hence me going to treat myself and buy a ipod touch, sod the miserable gits lol

So thank you Ronel and Lynn, and hoping i can post some piccies next time

Monday, 5 October 2009

The Witches Are A Brewing (Finished in other words)

Finally finished Brig & Doon, cant believe it took so long doing it Vonnas way, that i actually went back to the old way of using the needle and much quicker, but yes the threads were getting tangled and twisted again, pah! i give up, either slow and neater or faster but not as neat, will have to see how the mood takes me.But i did enjoy stitching it why didnt i start stitching for halloween before there are so many designs that i want to stitch.
I bought some glow in the dark thread by DMC so i want to stitch something for halloween with that.

I am also struggling which LK desgin to chose for the LK exchange, i have narrowed it down now so i will let me duaghter chose, so hopefully i will get it sent off by next week.
And i have finally done some more work on the gypsy wagon, i finshed all the red on page 3. I have decided that there are that many colour changes per page that i am going to do each colour then move onto the next,i just hope that i havent gone wrong along the line, else i will be pulling my hair out!!,