Saturday, 25 July 2009

100th post giveaway

Well its my 100th post today, and its took a while to get here, so to celebrate this i am having a little giveaway. So i have Margaret Sherrys Little Fairy Kit, and 3 The Drawn Thread Halloween Charts to pass to the person picked out.
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and put a link to it on your blog, and thats it. I will post the winner on the 1st August ( already!! you now when your getting old when the months fly past quicker each year)

Here is the update of my TUSAL, not bad for two months i think, but its only a jam jar, so its not that big, think i will have to move up to a bigger glass container soon, Hubby thinks its a great idea, as there isnt thread over everything in the house lol.

And Finally i have finished the Lizzie Kate exchange and it will be in the post this morning, its the first time that i have finished a design this way, and i think it is a case of practise makes perfect with this, but you will see what i mean when the other person recieves it, hopefully they will like it. I was stuck in what way i could finish it, then i have looked on the web site this morning and I saw links to different ways to finish off, figures! lol
I also did Maries ATC and that will be flying over to Oz this morning too, so tonight i can make a start on MM, as I have to clean the kitchen cupboards today oh what fun.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Back Seat for MM

Been busy stitching cards for my hubby to give his bosses since they treated him last week and to the headteacher that has left the school that i work at,so Marilyn has been put to one side for the past week while i finish off the Lizzie kate Exchange and stitch another ATC

The first card is Chickadee Fisherman

This one has been adpated from Margaret Sherry's 12 days of Christmas(to be honest i think it looks crap, not happy with this one)

And the flower card was out of issue 124 of the CrossStitcher magazine

Kate finally got her Butterfly ATC for her birthday, was a few days late, sorry.

and finally this is what i have done on Marilyn, still not finished page two yet, will i ever get there!!

still not able to read most peoples blogs yet as it takes too long to load the page when they have the back grounds on, i cant even see mine, i can post and thats about itAnd it took just over an hour grrr,lol so will have to catch up when broadband is finally on again, maybe next month the way its going.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Can I Buy Another Pc Stitch Darling, pleaseeeee?

I have been busy stitching for exchanges so no pictures to show, besides I'm on dial up at the moment so i don't have the time to sit and wait for them to upload, i just have to somehow finish off my piece from the Lizzie Kate Exchange, but the ideas are slow coming.
i also am a bit pissed off today, as yes i know i am slow sometimes, but i thought i would have a go at designing a pattern to stitch a wedding card for someone so i thought i would use PC Stitch that I treated myself to last year, it wasn't till i had hunted for it everywhere for 2 hours AND been down to my dads in case i had left it there, that i remembered that i had lost it in the house fire,oh Bloody Hell!, just mentioned it in passing to my hubby that its gone, and he said
'Your not buying it again we cant afford!'
GRRRRR wait till he wants to buy some cigs from his brother, what do you want to bet he says he can get them, what an Arse!!!
Rant over now, will try and catch up on the blogs after nearly a month away, when hopefully i am back on broadband and i can bury the dial up back in the stone age- how did we manage before broadband? now I'm off to see if i can see a cheap disc of PC stitch on eBay ( that's if the page loads some time tonight)