Saturday, 21 February 2009

Oh Happy Days

YES!!!! one day later my stash has arrived!!!!
Nice new charts that i can get done for easter, and i am so glad the needle organiser has finally arrived, will make the wedding sampler so much easier
Now how the hell does the Q snaps work?

Friday, 20 February 2009

Been On A Spending Spree

I haven't got much done this week to say i have had a week off. Been busy decorating for my uncle he got a old folks home and it was painted bright green and orange, and it takes some covering!!.
I have been stitching on my wedding sampler, but not got much to show hopefully by Sunday will be able to show the progress that i have made.

I have bought some Q snaps, and a needle organiser so it will make stitching the wedding sample quicker, i am really enjoying stitching it but with one needle its taking me too long, so it will be a lot better.
I have also bought some Easter charts so i am waiting for them to come, the walls are still plain so these quick stitch charts will be good to do for Easter, if i cant have chocolate i will have stash instead lol!!
The only thing with buying online is the waiting for the stuff to come as it seems to take forever, i am not known for my patience when it comes to shopping!!

My two girls have also started a blog to show off there work, keep on stitching, at the moment only my 9yr old has put her stitching on, but she shows a flower that she did me for Valentine's day which she designed herself!!, my eldest is stitching hello kitty and she is neater than me!!i have been looking for some blogs that they can read of other youngsters showing there work off but had no look, so if you know of any would be glad if you could tell me, i want to keep them off the TV and have a hobby, my lads not bothered in it though still cant prise him away from the Wii just yet!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bad, Bad Girl

Oh I have been bad, very bad, Yes i have bought another kit, yep me who said no more spending, me who said i will finish the project that i am doing before i even think about starting another.

Yes I have failed miserably, but hey ho, who bloody cares!!!!

So my new rotation now includes this chart, I'm not saying what it is, just yet, see if you can figure it out, which actually now i have seen the photo i can tell ( well yes obviously your saying since i know doh!!!... but when I'm stitching it up close i cant see the features of it at all)

I started this Saturday night and to say its me who's stitching ( who is so bloody slow normally) i have done quite a bit, now i just need to come off here and finish my housework ( well start actually, yet again there's a ton of ironing that i have to do) and i can get stuck in.

Just off to look at a few charts on the net before i start..... just looking though, honest lol

Sunday, 8 February 2009

So What Do You Think So Far?

This is the first picture of my wedding sampler, i am disappointed that i haven't had time to stitch more, if i am to stick to my rotation i have to put this away now and start on the next, but i am having far too much fun stitching it.

I do need a bigger hoop though, i could do with trying another method, i have ordered three different sizes from Stitcher but they wont be here till next week, the one i am using at the moment is far too small and i keep getting the thread stuck in the aida.

Will be a lot easier and quicker to stitch though when i get the bigger hoops.

i am really impressed with the design so far!!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Bit Pathetic Really!

Pathetic start, or what!

That's it, all i got done on the Gypsy caravan, for a full week.

To be honest i have felt like crap all week and the last thing i wanted to do was stitch. so i am really disappointed with what i got done. BUT my wedding sampler came so i am going to sit and work on that today, what bliss, i love it when it snows and i get the day off. It is also on the enchanted needle website now to buy.It is everything that i asked. i said what i would like to be put on, and what i liked about her designs that Wendy already had what i would like included and here it is!!!showed hubby it was on the website last night and he said that he is famous ha, in your dreams boyo. fingers are itching to start, will put my progress what i get done today on later