Sunday, 8 February 2009

So What Do You Think So Far?

This is the first picture of my wedding sampler, i am disappointed that i haven't had time to stitch more, if i am to stick to my rotation i have to put this away now and start on the next, but i am having far too much fun stitching it.

I do need a bigger hoop though, i could do with trying another method, i have ordered three different sizes from Stitcher but they wont be here till next week, the one i am using at the moment is far too small and i keep getting the thread stuck in the aida.

Will be a lot easier and quicker to stitch though when i get the bigger hoops.

i am really impressed with the design so far!!!


Angela said...

It looks good.

Is this one you designed yourself?

Shellie said...

Its going to be and already is gorgeous well doen I can see why you dont want to put it down.
Happy Stitching

Michelle. said...

Looks very elegant!

nima said...

wow...that looks pretty...waiting to see your finished piece

Nicole said...

great work mum!!!!