Saturday, 23 April 2011


I took the baby sampler to my sisters yesterday after i went and bought a frame for it from IKEA, and it looked really good, although i nearly killed my husband when all i asked him to do was to put the wire on the back of the frame, and what did he do, he only went and bloody broke the glass!

I wasn’t best pleased and threw a massive strop at him, I mean it was Good Friday at 5.30pm, where would be open at that time? Well it happened there was a place local to us and in the end i was really pleased i went as i have seen the most gorgeous frame that was just what i was looking for!

My Mermaid that is screaming so loud at me now ( busy working and loads of paper work to get sorted before i move kitchens at work) would look perfect in the frame, all really old fashioned and heavy like the ones that were used in the days when Tall Ships roamed the seas, so yes i was annoyed at hubby but i wouldn’t have seen the frame, so i am now all packed for 4 days camping with no kids and my stitching is in the car ready for tomorrow, so hopefully we will get plenty of sun, stitching and relaxation in, and i will have an update to show when i get back.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and don’t eat all your kids Easter Eggs!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy Dance Time - Finally

Yes, i have been stitching, but not much as it seems since i have moved all i do is work get home tidy house go to bed early and i am up at 4 for work again, stitching seemed to have stopped.
But one reason is this little thing, I have finally finished it, well all I am doing anyway.

I didn't enjoy stitching this, and i was determined not to stitch anything else till i did, yes i know its stupid, but if i had put it aside I would have never finished it, so I am going to find a frame for it and get it to my sisters as soon as possible as I am sick of seeing it!

Mermmie has been screaming out to me every time i saw her, so tonight after my 8 hours stuck in a meeting. she will have some stitches put in her!

Well my goals are some what unrealistic but i have done at least one.

Friday, 8 April 2011


I  have made little progress of anything since i moved, as you will see, but I MUST finish the baby sampler, as last weekend was the Christening, and Charlottes first Birthday was today, so I really need to get it done.

As for my others well, I am still on page one of Fragile Heart, even though the second page has been mailed out to us.

I did make a start on Marilyn, but alas you cant tell which part it is yet, i think its near her face.

I am still on page one of DOTF, i think my goals are going to fail miserably this year!

Here is my start of Daffodil Springs, another Hannah Lynn which was my treat for moving, yes like i need ANOTHER new start.

And finally here is a piccie of the cupcakes i made for my nieces christening/birthday, not happy with some of them as my hubby was complaining saying i was getting the buttercream was too near the edge, but i prefer them that way, but i have got to make some more, for a child's birthday that was at the christening, so i will do it my way this time!