Friday, 7 January 2011

Here's Looking At You Kid

Here she is, and i have really enjoyed stitching her, so much that i am this week going to stitch another Hannah Lynn, Dreaming On The Farm, (  aka DOTF)  this week, I even remembered to fray check this piece.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Didn't Manage to Get As Much Done

Yay, i finally finished all the black on Fragile Heart, but boy did the last 1/4 of black take some doing. I have been playing taxi service with the kids and only have managed to stitch here and there but i will have to wait till next month to fill the bits in, i have seen a page stitched already on the HAED BB and the pinks just pop.
Will post a piccie tomorrow. Grumpy git (AKA the husband) has gone to bed and the camera is upstairs and its just peaceful with him asleep. should really go to bed since i am at work in 6 hours but I am drooling over Johnny Depp, yummy lol

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

TUSAL and monotone stitching

Well what can i say, black, black and more black and i am still only 3/4 of the page through, i am hoping to finish with all the black tomorrow as i am wanting to 'colour' in before i put it away on Friday.

And here is my TUSAL, on time too, woop woop ( lets see how long it lasts) most of my things are packed up so my orts are in a Baileys glass until i move and unpack and find something better to put them in. Can you see what's left of the candle - hubby didn't think to move it away from the fire, the dope!

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Start for the New Year

Well first of all, a Happy New Year to everybody! I hope everyone had good christmas, I am debating wether to take down the christmazs decorations today or not, i know my mum says it is bad luck but hell, im going to be homeless soon so im buggered anyway lol

I have decided to not do stupid resolutions that wont last( well not many of them anyway)
but i Do want to do the following:
try and read as many blogs as possible and keep up to date with them
reply to mail asap - as i tend to forget to reply
not change my avatars all the time, i am going to see if i can keep little miss mermaid for a whole year and not change my blog ( well after i have choosen a theme that i like)
NOT buy any more stitching patterns (this one may be hard when HAED keep releasing patterns to die for)

also i am wanting to take things as they ome and make the best of what i have got, there are people worse off than me
and be happy so any moaning posts you can offically kick my but!!

Now for the updates, been stitching Fragile Heart for the HAED SAL and have managed to do half a page of all the black, might do a bit more of her, would really like to get all the black out of the way.

She is stitched on 18ct 2 x1 and i really need to fray check the sides as there is not much room around the edges.
next I started a bit of Mermaid again, but i think i went into stitching overdrive and got fed up of stitching so went looking for a house to live, found nothing and went to bed depressed, i think i should have just carried on stitching.

Now i have to tidy the house up before i can do any mores stitching. i may be a while...