Thursday, 6 January 2011

Didn't Manage to Get As Much Done

Yay, i finally finished all the black on Fragile Heart, but boy did the last 1/4 of black take some doing. I have been playing taxi service with the kids and only have managed to stitch here and there but i will have to wait till next month to fill the bits in, i have seen a page stitched already on the HAED BB and the pinks just pop.
Will post a piccie tomorrow. Grumpy git (AKA the husband) has gone to bed and the camera is upstairs and its just peaceful with him asleep. should really go to bed since i am at work in 6 hours but I am drooling over Johnny Depp, yummy lol

1 comment:

Fiona said...

enjoy Johnny lol ;) glad to hear you finished all the black on fragile heart, can't wait to see a photo :)