Friday, 23 January 2009

New Charts On The Way!!

I haven't got much stitching done this week, all of my 3 kids have been ill, one after the other, when i tried to pick up the stitching all i got was 'MUM!!!, so i gave up in the end. The bathroom is taking shape though.

I also won the Gypsy Wagon chart from bothy threads on ebay there was no aida with it so i bought some hand dyed from Polstitches, i got aida, but now i am wishing i bought it on evenweave, but never mind, next time i will buy some evenweave next time and they have the opalescent back in stock, ( I love sparkly everything would be stitched on this if i could)

And Finally!!!

Wendy at Enchanted Needle has designed me a wedding sampler for me. I told her everything i liked and wanted on it and she has come up with it excatly as i wanted!! If i could have designed it myself that is how i would have done it!! So I am so excited about it coming that i cant wait to start it, also Wendy asked me if i wouldn't mind if she put it on her website, so my wedding sampler will be on there soon!!

Bang goes my new years resolutions, about not starting another project until the one i am one is finished, so I will now be on a rota, one week on each project, thats if i cant stop stitching my sampler, now wheres my opalescent evenweave, perfect lol!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Update of cut thru cottage

Just a quickie post to show update of the progress that i made this weekend while watching Most Haunted Live, going to start on the bathroom next.

Friday, 9 January 2009

New start for 2009

My house is bare, there are no pictures on the wall and it needs brightening up so I have decided to start in the kitchen. I like all types of cross stitch and last year i was in the process of stitching this - It is Bothy Threads design, Cut-Thru Garden Shed. I had nearly finished it just had the back stitch to complete.

This is what our shed used to look like, hubby had everything in it, ( which to be honest when he was doing my head in was the best bloody place for him!!)

I Really enjoyed stitching with the bright colours and i want to stitch it again, just not yet.

Anyway I had some vouchers and i spent them at hobby craft and bought this design from Bothy Threads

It will take me ages to do this but i started it last Friday and by this week i had done this........

i am hoping to get more done this weekend and finish this room off.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

I Have Been Tagged! ( just a while ago)

I was laid in bed last night and for some time i have had a nagging feeling that i had something to do and could i think what it was , could i hell as like. last night it dawned on me. BW tagged me. I was like oh deary me ( well not exactly but you get the drift lol)So I am so sorry i forget everything since the fire, as nic says DOH!

The rules:Find the 6th folder in your photos folder and then the 6th photo in it.

Post it on your blog Tag 5 others, leave a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged.

My Photo is nothing stitchy cause everything was lost in the fire, as you can see i lived in a building site for months, thankfully it doesn't look like that now, but its a tip a the moment, piles of clothes away as I'm washing ready to get ready for work on Monday.

so the 5 people that i have tagged are:





Susan (aka Daffycat)

I have just realised that i must have deleted some blogs that i read when i tried to change my theme for Xmas but got fed up of all the error codes, bloody hell going to go and have a hunt on the web for them now grrrr, bleeding computers

Friday, 2 January 2009

Hello 2009, Sod off 2008!!

Happy new year to everyone, yes I'm a bit late but had no laptop for 3 weeks!! nearly killed me off lol. Not manage to do a lot of stitching over Christmas but i did do Sharon's design of a reindeer.

I was going to make them into little ornaments but to be honest my sewing as absolutely crap and i haven't got hold of a sewing machine yet so i have put them in a envelope ready for next Christmas. Not the best picture that i have done as i didn't have any beads and i had just pinched these from Nic's art box, and they are all now neatly put away so this one will have to do, Sharon's is much better.

I also did a bit of Santa and Fairy by Anchor but as you can see i didn't get it finished and now Christmas is over I'm not really in the mood to stitch it, so that it getting out away till November.

Well that was a good start to my New Year's resolutions, I wasn't going to start another project till i had finished the one i was working one, but sod it why change a habit of a lifetime. so now i am on the hunt for something to stitch i quite like to do the Crabby all Year sampler that is also on Sharon's blog, never seen that one before, need something to stitch this weekend though so I'm off on the web hunting for a freebie, while watching Robin Hood ( again!!)