Friday, 23 January 2009

New Charts On The Way!!

I haven't got much stitching done this week, all of my 3 kids have been ill, one after the other, when i tried to pick up the stitching all i got was 'MUM!!!, so i gave up in the end. The bathroom is taking shape though.

I also won the Gypsy Wagon chart from bothy threads on ebay there was no aida with it so i bought some hand dyed from Polstitches, i got aida, but now i am wishing i bought it on evenweave, but never mind, next time i will buy some evenweave next time and they have the opalescent back in stock, ( I love sparkly everything would be stitched on this if i could)

And Finally!!!

Wendy at Enchanted Needle has designed me a wedding sampler for me. I told her everything i liked and wanted on it and she has come up with it excatly as i wanted!! If i could have designed it myself that is how i would have done it!! So I am so excited about it coming that i cant wait to start it, also Wendy asked me if i wouldn't mind if she put it on her website, so my wedding sampler will be on there soon!!

Bang goes my new years resolutions, about not starting another project until the one i am one is finished, so I will now be on a rota, one week on each project, thats if i cant stop stitching my sampler, now wheres my opalescent evenweave, perfect lol!


Rebekah said...

Looks great so far! I love the Cut Thru series. They have such bright, cheery colors.

Angela said...

Love the fabric.

Good progress on the stitching front.

Nicole said...

nice work!!!