Friday, 2 January 2009

Hello 2009, Sod off 2008!!

Happy new year to everyone, yes I'm a bit late but had no laptop for 3 weeks!! nearly killed me off lol. Not manage to do a lot of stitching over Christmas but i did do Sharon's design of a reindeer.

I was going to make them into little ornaments but to be honest my sewing as absolutely crap and i haven't got hold of a sewing machine yet so i have put them in a envelope ready for next Christmas. Not the best picture that i have done as i didn't have any beads and i had just pinched these from Nic's art box, and they are all now neatly put away so this one will have to do, Sharon's is much better.

I also did a bit of Santa and Fairy by Anchor but as you can see i didn't get it finished and now Christmas is over I'm not really in the mood to stitch it, so that it getting out away till November.

Well that was a good start to my New Year's resolutions, I wasn't going to start another project till i had finished the one i was working one, but sod it why change a habit of a lifetime. so now i am on the hunt for something to stitch i quite like to do the Crabby all Year sampler that is also on Sharon's blog, never seen that one before, need something to stitch this weekend though so I'm off on the web hunting for a freebie, while watching Robin Hood ( again!!)

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Nicole said...

well i really like your santa