Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Marilyn, ATC and TUSAL

just a quickie post today, i have been stitching on Marilyn on a night, as i am getting bitten to death by the bleeding midgies outside after 7 so i cant do much in the garden, so she is coming along faster than normal. I wanted to get her face done asap to see if you can see the line, depending which side i look i can still see a bit.

This is also a pic of my first ATC that I did for Janet, I have took the picture from the Exchange blog, as i took the picture of it on my phone, and i cant find the lead to put it on the pc.

And finally I joined the Totally Useless SAL, which to be honest is not all my scrap ends from this month from what i have stitched, most of it is from the bleeding threads that went up in the vac, which i still haven't re-threaded. It's only a small jam jar, so there's not that many in. Right got to get back to the pile of ironing that has been left to grow as i have been stitching every spare minute.

Monday, 22 June 2009

I Think I Have Made A Cock Up On Marilyn!!

How hard is it to find batteries for my camera, VERY!! in this house. Every time i come to get it they are gone, so i have to search the remote controls and see which one has the new batteries in, but now i have homed it down to sons xbox controllers or one of Nicole's toys. Anyway.....

Not done any stitching this week as i still felt really low, I haven't even done the stock and month end reports that i was supposed to do for work, sod it i will be late for once i thought, so on Friday night i picked it up and did a bit each night. Only thing is i think you can see where page one ends and page two begins, or is it just me. I am hoping that when shes finished you wont be able to tell. SO hopefully I will have her face finished this week.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Updates and Excuses

Yes blogging and stitching has been very slow latley ( reason is on my other blog, cant be arse to go into all on t his one) but here is a up date of marilyn from two weeks ago theres no point showing my update for this week as i have done 10 stitches all week and thats it pathetic i know need to get a kick up the arse to get me going. I have got loads of blogs to catch up on, sod the hosuework today i feel

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

What Not To Do

I am not a happy bunny this morning. First day back at work, so i got up early and started vacumning house through and was in my bedroom shouting at kids to get up when the vac did a funny noise and started throwing bits out.
I look down and saw my needle organiser empty, not one bleeding thread was in it. Oh s**t! I have only gone and forgot i put it under my bed last night and vacced up all the threads, all 49 of them, Do you know how long it takes to thread all them, bloody ages!
So i spent the last half hour pulling the threads out, finding all the broken needles out of the carpet and cursing while still shouting at the kids to get up lovely.
I know it doesnt look a lot when you see pic, put argh there is a right pile of threads now all rolled into a ball, oh and how dusty is my vac, shame on you girl .