Monday, 30 March 2009

The Trilogy Easter Line Up Giveaway

I was at work today when i had a light bulb moment, and yes they are few and far between. I have nearly finished The Trilogy's Easter Line Up, and since its nearly upon us, I am going to list this giveaway now, then next Monday pick a name out of the hat so to speak and send it off as soon as i get the winners address, as i will have finished it off by this weekend. So hopefully depending on where its going, and on the crappy postal service we have at the moment the lucky winner will have it in time for Easter.
Just leave a comment on this post if you would like to be entered into the giveaway!

Winners Of Giveaway and updates

Rebekah gets Welcome to the Nuthouse, and Ginnie gets Lizzie Kate's March Flip It. Nicole picked the names out, her given right since its been her birthday. send me a email on pho3nlx(at), with your addresses, so i can get them out to you.

Now a update of the weeks stitching, as i have been quite productive this week. The Trilogy's Easter Line Up is coming along and I am hoping to have it finished this week and put up for grabs this week.

I also started Lizzie Kate's Easter Sampler, but i think i will finish The Trilogy first.

Also i have sent some fabulous fabrics including one of my favourites by Micheal Miller, and some bag patterns (i love bags) from Anne. I am just waiting for the things i need to make them, which i have ordered off the Internet and still waiting for nearly 2 weeks later. I am not patient when it come's to waiting for goods to arrive, until then i am stuck, but i am hoping to get all my Easter stitching done first.

AND finally i have won the giveaway that Sharon was doing, woo hoo!!! hope the rest of my week goes this good!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Happy Dance and New Start

I started Lizzie Kate's March Flip- It Stamp, after Sunday i had done a lot, even though i am suffering from the man flu, by yesterday this is what i had done. These are not great pictures my camera is rubbish and i cant find my phone (that another one lost), will replace when i get better pictures done

and this is the finished piece that i did last night.Didnt take long, which is just as well since its nearly the end of March.

As soon as i had finished it i started The Trilogy's Easter Line Up. I stopped up till the wee hours watching the last 3 episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and nearly finishing one line. Hoping to get this done by next week so i can get the other 2 Lizzie Kate Easter Samplers done before Easter finsihes.
If you would like the lizzie Kate chart, just leave a comment will draw out name next week if there more than one

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Welcome To The Nuthouse Giveaway

Now that I have finished with the waxing moon's 'welcome to the nuthouse' i don't need the chart anymore. So from now on, i am going to give my charts away when i have finished with them. I aways think that RAK's bring a smile to people's face, instead of selling it on ebay, so if you would like this chart please leave a comment, if there's more than one i will pick a name out next Sunday.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Welcome Is Finished!

Waxing Moon: welcome to the nuthouse
Stitched on Platinum 28ct Cashel Linen
Happy Dance time!!!

Yes i couldn't take the guilt no more of the little squirrel staring at me, so 2 long nights later ( i am a slow stitcher) here it is finished and waiting to be put on the wall. the nut is too close to the lettering, so i might unpick it and do it again, hubby says its OK but its bugging me. My first Waxing Moon design but i enjoyed stitching it.

Now which to do next?

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

My Attempt On The Sewing Machine

I have done no stitching at all since last time, apart from the 'W' on the Nuthouse, its just sat in the corner of my room looking at me every time, i feel more guiltier about not doing any, i have loads to do and i have been busy sewing, and shopping, washing and generally looking after my dad to do any. I will be lucky to do any before Sunday, as i have birthday cakes galore to bake too, but why do i feel so bad, sob..sob.

This is something that i did do, my first 'proper' project on the sewing machine, yes there's nothing much to it, but I'm a beginner and we all have to start somewhere. This is 'lucky Duck' as we have named him. Yes i know its not a duck ,but a hen, but it ryhmes so it's stuck lol, and yes its got a black beak and cone, but i didn't do it in pretty colours like it was in the pattern. Its a doorstop, and its for the back door as it never stops open and it has been wedged with a brick in the past. But i have 3 kids and one son who likes to come home covered in mud, ( the muddier the better it seems lol) and they would be no way that some pretty hen would stay clean long in my house, so i have used this Alexander Henry fabric that i won on eBay and made it a gothic hen, which my eldest said was 'way cool' what a bloody compliment, from my children, wow the honor lol!!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Not Much To Show

Hardly done any stitching, been busy decorating and working when i do get home, do the whole running a house bit i am too knackered to pick a needle up. The weeks holiday we has was harder work than it was at home, with everything that was going off. I did do a bit on the wedding sampler, and it is so much easier with the needle organiser. I also bought another chart, yes another, when i said i wouldnt be i saw it and thought that is our house perfectly.

Its Waxing Moons, Welcome To The Nuthouse we have finally got our hall decorated so will be puttiing that up where people will see it when they come in, just a different take to the Welcome door mat that everyone used to have when i was little. I hoping to get this finished this week if my sewing machine that i ordered last week doesnt turn up (long story but i wont spend so much money on something on the net again)