Friday, 29 May 2009

Marilyn's Back!

OK I have to admit it, but i am a serial starter, and i really want to get my big projects done as well as the little ones in between so i have joined the stitchalong blog to get my butt into gear, as my pile of UFO's are going to grow as there are so many i want to stitch!!! I think that them designers are so cruel putting all these charts out there are once, don't they know that there are some people who find it really hard to resist?

Anyway the first project that i am going to do is Marilyn, I love her and i think she was one hell of a sexy woman ( speaking from a woman's prospective) and i have a nicely decorated hall and the perfect place for here to go, but she was sat in a plastic wallet on a shelf at the bottom of the wardrobe. So here is a piccie to show how much i did last time, and hopefully by next week there will be some more progress on her. i would love to finish page one of her. On the ATC front i have just a bit more to do, but it doesn't need to be posted off for a couple of weeks yet so there is no rush to get it done yet. I am supposed to be varnishing the staircase that i nagged hubby to put in but still haven't varnished it ( i will start just an hour of stitching honest lol)

Monday, 25 May 2009

No Pictures To Show, Bit I Am Stitching

well my first ATC is flying its way over to Malaysia, well it will be when the postman gets it out of the box, until then its sat there, so now i am starting my next ATC to send out to Kate, although i wasn't happy with it,so i have scraped that and i wasn't going to unpick it when i had done so much so that went in the bin, and i am going to start again, so still no pictures to show you. I have also chose the Lizzie Kate design that i am stitching for the Lizzie Kate Exchange, but i haven't started it yet, as i have no idea how i am going to finish it off.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Do You Think It Is Rude?

Well i just need to get one thing for Janet's ATC IE glue then i can get it sent off. I REALLY loved doing this and i am already onto my next one, and i cant wait to show them (but not yet), so you lot can tell me if its the right thing or is there a wrong thing with these- apart from the size- is it a case of anything goes?
The only problem i have is really knowing what to do, i worry and think, will they like it, what does the person like?
So i seen other people with a wishlist, which has really helped me with The ATC i am doing now, so i have decided to do one too, to give a general idea about me. I have put the link in my sidebar.
So really (and i don't mind the honest, your a cheeky cow comments- just dont be too harsh lol)
do you think its cheeky of me to do one, or is it a good idea hmmm i have no idea but i think it may lead me to wanting to buy more stash as i see things to put on there, oh dear we can't have that now can we lol

Monday, 18 May 2009

Finshed my first ATC

I finished my first ATC, well nearly i have to put it all together but it looks really good, if i so say so myself, i cant show a picture of it yet until Janet gets it for her birthday in June, but i really need t get t in the post as its going to Malaysia and it takes a week for a first class postcard to get from Edinburgh to Yorkshire!
Now I am going to try and design my next ATC that i have to do for Kate, that is if it doesn't look crap, if it does i will just find a chart, i also need to find a chart to stitch for the Lizzie Kate exchange, but it s so hard stitching for somebody when you don't know what they like, then i have to figure out how to finish it!, not something i am good at to be honest

Saturday, 16 May 2009

OMG I Know I Will Get Hooked On These

OK , thanks to everyone who told me what to do. Now i know what I am doing, only things is i know i will get hooked on doing them!!!!!

Exchanges To Start

I think the cross stitch pattern that Kath sent me on the tight is my life to a T!, which is why
the blogging and stitching has been very slow, in fact no existent as i have been having a hectic time on the work/home front. But today my fingers are itching to get started again, so i have been looking for something to stitch for the two exchanges i have joined up on, Lizzie Kate Exchange and the ATC Stitching Bloggers Birthday Exchange. The first one I have to do is a ATC ( which to be honest i have no idea what one is so i really need to find out what one is before i start looking at a design) for Janet, and its got to get to Malaysia by the 22nd June and knowing our postal service i need to get it in the post ASAP, now to look for a design to stitch