Monday, 25 May 2009

No Pictures To Show, Bit I Am Stitching

well my first ATC is flying its way over to Malaysia, well it will be when the postman gets it out of the box, until then its sat there, so now i am starting my next ATC to send out to Kate, although i wasn't happy with it,so i have scraped that and i wasn't going to unpick it when i had done so much so that went in the bin, and i am going to start again, so still no pictures to show you. I have also chose the Lizzie Kate design that i am stitching for the Lizzie Kate Exchange, but i haven't started it yet, as i have no idea how i am going to finish it off.


CindyMae said...

Can not wait to see it!

Janet C said...

Ooh...thank you! I'll be looking out for the postman!

Tammy said...

Thx for stopping by my blog! You have a great one and I'll be back to see your ATC and other things!