Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Do You Think It Is Rude?

Well i just need to get one thing for Janet's ATC IE glue then i can get it sent off. I REALLY loved doing this and i am already onto my next one, and i cant wait to show them (but not yet), so you lot can tell me if its the right thing or is there a wrong thing with these- apart from the size- is it a case of anything goes?
The only problem i have is really knowing what to do, i worry and think, will they like it, what does the person like?
So i seen other people with a wishlist, which has really helped me with The ATC i am doing now, so i have decided to do one too, to give a general idea about me. I have put the link in my sidebar.
So really (and i don't mind the honest, your a cheeky cow comments- just dont be too harsh lol)
do you think its cheeky of me to do one, or is it a good idea hmmm i have no idea but i think it may lead me to wanting to buy more stash as i see things to put on there, oh dear we can't have that now can we lol


Gaynor said...

It isnt is helpful lol And yes, anything goes except the size which is EXACT rofl...looking forward to seeing your finished ATCs!

Stitching Kath said...

i think a wish list is a good idea. i am thinking of doing one for myself.

Marie said...

I was a bit like you, wondering if it was too cheeky, but I went ahead and did one anyway. I love reading them on other people's blogs as they are a great wy to get to know their tastes if you are doing an exchange with them or wanting to add some little goodies!

CindyMae said...

Wish list are a great thing to have for just that reason! As far as the ATC for this exchange, as long as there is something stitched on it, you can do whatever you want to decorate it up! Just have fun with it!

tkdquintmom said...

Not rude at all. :-) I have's more for me too as a 'hit list' of what I eventually want to get and it helps me save towards my goals. I agree with Marie too, it helps with exchanges.

Angela said...

Wish lists are a great way of keeping a track of all those charts/kits etc you wnat and remember your not telling anyone to look at them.