Friday, 29 May 2009

Marilyn's Back!

OK I have to admit it, but i am a serial starter, and i really want to get my big projects done as well as the little ones in between so i have joined the stitchalong blog to get my butt into gear, as my pile of UFO's are going to grow as there are so many i want to stitch!!! I think that them designers are so cruel putting all these charts out there are once, don't they know that there are some people who find it really hard to resist?

Anyway the first project that i am going to do is Marilyn, I love her and i think she was one hell of a sexy woman ( speaking from a woman's prospective) and i have a nicely decorated hall and the perfect place for here to go, but she was sat in a plastic wallet on a shelf at the bottom of the wardrobe. So here is a piccie to show how much i did last time, and hopefully by next week there will be some more progress on her. i would love to finish page one of her. On the ATC front i have just a bit more to do, but it doesn't need to be posted off for a couple of weeks yet so there is no rush to get it done yet. I am supposed to be varnishing the staircase that i nagged hubby to put in but still haven't varnished it ( i will start just an hour of stitching honest lol)


CindyMae said...

Looking forward to seeing more progress on Marilyn!!

venus said...

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