Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Is This The Strangest Thing You Have Seen Stitched?

ok as I was looking for a picture on the tinternet for the newston's law pic I am doing I come across this on google I put in newton, cross stitch and lets celebrate and this is what I come up with.

I have seen some things that has been cross stitched before but the female reproductive system is I think the strangest that I have seen.

So I was wondering what's the strangest thing you have seen that has been stitched?

when can i stitch?

i have been so busy with work, kids and trying to get house done for Xmas that i have not got much stitching done, but i did manage to finish my Santa what Karen sent me, but did i get a photo of it before my youngest gave it to her teacher, nope i was running around late again in the morning that i completely forgot.

i have started newtons law lets celebrate cross stitch, but theres nothing much

i have also set up another blog for me to rant and moan about everyday life( which is all i seem to do these days lol) and keep this one for my stitching.

Thursday, 20 November 2008


You know when your having a pretty bad day, you are really bad at your job, everything is a total mess and your dreading going home - all the kids had a friend over each for the first time since the fire and six kids in one house, well say no more lol

to say i was fed up was understatement, well my neighbour came around and gave me a box and i couldn't believe what was inside!! A box full of goodies from Karen, so thank you very much it was like Christmas for me, i couldn't believe it, i now have a stash of stitching goodies again!
i couldn't wait for all the kids to go to bed so i could start stitching, so since i was in the Christmas mood i started on the father Christmas ornament, didn't get very far but i didn't want to put it down, cant wait to finish work today, so i can get stuck into it again!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Change Of Name

I have changed the name of my blog, also the theme which I love, I was browsing the web and came across this blog extra icing on the cake ( i need inspiration as i have to make my step dads 50th birthday cake), and i loved her theme, and got the freebies that were available.

anyway my daughter said i should change the name too, as even though it was personnel to me it was a funny name - ok sometimes they know best so this is her suggestion.

on the stitchy front i fingers are itching to get another project done. i was given a pattern which Sue designed, on the yahoo group i am in, so i going to start that next. i also got my bedroom finally finished, its plain at the moment but i like it ( apart from the gorgeous bedding, which has gold metallic thread in twined through it- it creases just with sitting on it)

Monday, 17 November 2008

My First Happy Dance Of The Year

I have been so busy all week, what with decorating, varnishing and been a taxi for the kids ( you know your old when your children have better social lives than you do), that i havent been able to show the progress that I have made with my birthday present that the children bought me, I finally finished it tonight and now i cant wait to stitch anything to do with Christmas

I love Christmas, buy Hubby hates it says it just an excuse to get into debt, i keep telling him you dont have to be rich to enjoy it, and we have told the kids that it wont be a lot they get and they understand that having trainers costing £100, ( which i will never buy them as think what a waste of money) and the latest gadget isnt going to be the death if them, but i still cant wait to go out and buy a tree and decorate it. last year I had just under 300 baubles, luckily they were not in the house when we had the fire so we still have them, we did however lose the artifical tree that the mum-in-law gave us, so at least something good did come from the fire lol

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Another year older,nearly!

Its My birthday tomorrow so tonight we are going to see the James Bond film, which i am not complaining as i get t drool over Daniel Craig.
yes I am one of the sad people that is only go to see James Bond as i can ogle at Daniel Craig and hubby wont notice, haha.
Its Nothing fancy but we havent been out since May so I am not too bothered where we go. My mum and sister gave me some B&Q vouchers for my birthday so i can go and buy a gas fire for the room, so the stitching goodies will have to wait a but longer.

I have bought the new crossstitcher magazine so I can at least do the little freebie that i got with It, got to make Nicoles Little Red Riding costume too so another busy day, roll on when i have nothing to do but stitch!!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Started Stitching Again

Came home today,and was i glad it was Friday the kids at school have been acting up all week, whether its because its the first week back or there hyped up with bonfire events going on all week i don't know but I so glad i have two days off. Got to finish decorating my bedroom this week, so hopefully will have a photo to put up soon, its nothing special just plain but its not covered in smoke and soot which is a bonus.

Came home today to find that they had started to board up my old house, got upset over it, even though i see it everyday when i go out of the house, then my little darling Nicole told me that she had to go to school on Monday dressed up as a character out of a book for National Book Week, bloody great been on the net and she been picking costumes costing £20, sorry but no way I'm paying that t wear once, hubby is putting up new staircase and i know for a fact that i will have t go and get 'a few bits' as he calls it and spend a fortune, anyway i am going to make something up for her, will have t be something easy though as my sewing machine wasn't recognisable it was just melted so it was only the metal that was left. you don't realise what has gone until you need it.

on the stitching front, i was given a magazine so i am now stitching a forever friends Xmas design, done a lot more than i expected today, but camera batteries have died will try and get a picture up of it soon

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Fresh Start On Here

Still can't find anything free on the net that i want to stitch, mind you I am fighting to get on the net, what with the kids wanting to do there homework, yes Nicole disney Games is homework, isnt it lol, and with DH wanting to buy more fishing tackle, or getting excited over some tool or other lol, so I have been given this months cross stitcher magazine will stitch something out of that.

On the blog front, it takes too long to load up using dial up, and what is the point of me keeping piccies of my WIP or completed pictures when I lost them all in the fire, well at least i have a fresh start , and this time i am not going to have loads of unfinished projects, (keep telling yourself that bev lol)

So I am going to tinker about and need to register for everything again, and not look at any stitchy sites, and catch up on watching Most Haunted Live, ohh i love spooky things

Monday, 3 November 2008

Catching Up

After 3 hours i have finally managed to get onto the net at home, ok its dial up and OMG is it slow but hey i am back online, and you dont know how much you use it till its gone. I just have to keep remembering to not keep opening up new tabs to look at different sites while i wait for the pages to load as it takes far too long.

i have so much to catch up on, there is no way i would be able to read everybodys blogs for a year but will have to get a phone extension line at the moment i am sat at the bottom of the stairs ans it aint very comfy lol.

It took me ages to remember my sign in to get onto here and can i remember anything else, nope its ok having a new laptop but all my favourites have gone, argh lol

also wanting to find something to stitch so going to look on the net for some freebies for xmas, my house is coming together slowly but the walls are bare, you know what it like when you take down the christmas decorations you house feels empty, well its like that. so now im on here the ironing can wait, so can the varnishing( i hate varnishing and having to do 6 doors is a real pain), i am itching to stitch, of yes i have got the bug back!!!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

i am back, well sort of

yes its been a year since i last blogged, but a lot has happened. i was ill and it took a lot out of me, i felt really down but after a while i started to feel like my normal self again, that was until the fire, every room was either burnt or up stairs everything melted and the smoke damage was awful everything went in a skip that we owned, the only thingwe had left was the things we were wearing.
Luckily it was during the day, and there was only me at home, people who came to my house used to laugh at meas i had 7 smoke alarms, well i had the bedroom door shut and i wouldnt have known that there was a fire if it wasnt for the alamrs going off. The fire brigade said it was a good job it happened at two in the afternoon and not two at night or else it would have been a very different story. i still wake up two or three times a week thinking i can smell burning, waking hubby up. its been 4 months now since the fire but i am hoping it will stop in a bit.
My room was full of 15 years worth of stash now its empty, i know i said it would be nice to have a fresh start and a good sort out but i didnt mean like this, i can see the funny side now but 3 months ago all i did was cry all the bleeding time

there was nothing left, not even a bloody needle, so now we are in another house, as the landlord wouldnt do the house up,
it is still standing but just nothing inside except bricks, but they kept the insurnce money, we was not insured, arghhh i thought it was july not june in run out, and six days later the house burns down, yep aint life grand, so now we have moved ten doors down, still on same road just at different end of the avenue, the house was a shit tip, and all spare money is going on the house, but were getting there, but to top it off we cant get broadbad, since it seems that we are now too far away from the exchange, so i am now at my mums using there broadband, hopefully by the end of november i will be online again, and stitching as its my birthday next week and i have been hinting to get some stash heres hoping lol