Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Fresh Start On Here

Still can't find anything free on the net that i want to stitch, mind you I am fighting to get on the net, what with the kids wanting to do there homework, yes Nicole disney Games is homework, isnt it lol, and with DH wanting to buy more fishing tackle, or getting excited over some tool or other lol, so I have been given this months cross stitcher magazine will stitch something out of that.

On the blog front, it takes too long to load up using dial up, and what is the point of me keeping piccies of my WIP or completed pictures when I lost them all in the fire, well at least i have a fresh start , and this time i am not going to have loads of unfinished projects, (keep telling yourself that bev lol)

So I am going to tinker about and need to register for everything again, and not look at any stitchy sites, and catch up on watching Most Haunted Live, ohh i love spooky things

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Heather said...

Welcome back! I am so very sorry to hear about your fire, but happy no one was hurt. There's never any reason *not* to have fire alarms. They saved me once too. I've never understood people who don't have them.