Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Change Of Name

I have changed the name of my blog, also the theme which I love, I was browsing the web and came across this blog extra icing on the cake ( i need inspiration as i have to make my step dads 50th birthday cake), and i loved her theme, and got the freebies that were available.

anyway my daughter said i should change the name too, as even though it was personnel to me it was a funny name - ok sometimes they know best so this is her suggestion.

on the stitchy front i fingers are itching to get another project done. i was given a pattern which Sue designed, on the yahoo group i am in, so i going to start that next. i also got my bedroom finally finished, its plain at the moment but i like it ( apart from the gorgeous bedding, which has gold metallic thread in twined through it- it creases just with sitting on it)

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BW said...

Love the new theme. Very cute. :)

BTW, you've been tagged. :) Check out my blog for the rules.