Thursday, 20 November 2008


You know when your having a pretty bad day, you are really bad at your job, everything is a total mess and your dreading going home - all the kids had a friend over each for the first time since the fire and six kids in one house, well say no more lol

to say i was fed up was understatement, well my neighbour came around and gave me a box and i couldn't believe what was inside!! A box full of goodies from Karen, so thank you very much it was like Christmas for me, i couldn't believe it, i now have a stash of stitching goodies again!
i couldn't wait for all the kids to go to bed so i could start stitching, so since i was in the Christmas mood i started on the father Christmas ornament, didn't get very far but i didn't want to put it down, cant wait to finish work today, so i can get stuck into it again!!


Karen said...

yeaaaa it arrived in one piece, I am glad you liked it

I love the new blog and it loads so much faster for me

Cheryl said...

Great gifts, how kind of her. Love your new look blog :)

Nicole said...

nice stuff!!!