Saturday, 8 November 2008

Another year older,nearly!

Its My birthday tomorrow so tonight we are going to see the James Bond film, which i am not complaining as i get t drool over Daniel Craig.
yes I am one of the sad people that is only go to see James Bond as i can ogle at Daniel Craig and hubby wont notice, haha.
Its Nothing fancy but we havent been out since May so I am not too bothered where we go. My mum and sister gave me some B&Q vouchers for my birthday so i can go and buy a gas fire for the room, so the stitching goodies will have to wait a but longer.

I have bought the new crossstitcher magazine so I can at least do the little freebie that i got with It, got to make Nicoles Little Red Riding costume too so another busy day, roll on when i have nothing to do but stitch!!

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Karen said...

hope you had a nice birthday and not too much drooling