Friday, 7 November 2008

Started Stitching Again

Came home today,and was i glad it was Friday the kids at school have been acting up all week, whether its because its the first week back or there hyped up with bonfire events going on all week i don't know but I so glad i have two days off. Got to finish decorating my bedroom this week, so hopefully will have a photo to put up soon, its nothing special just plain but its not covered in smoke and soot which is a bonus.

Came home today to find that they had started to board up my old house, got upset over it, even though i see it everyday when i go out of the house, then my little darling Nicole told me that she had to go to school on Monday dressed up as a character out of a book for National Book Week, bloody great been on the net and she been picking costumes costing £20, sorry but no way I'm paying that t wear once, hubby is putting up new staircase and i know for a fact that i will have t go and get 'a few bits' as he calls it and spend a fortune, anyway i am going to make something up for her, will have t be something easy though as my sewing machine wasn't recognisable it was just melted so it was only the metal that was left. you don't realise what has gone until you need it.

on the stitching front, i was given a magazine so i am now stitching a forever friends Xmas design, done a lot more than i expected today, but camera batteries have died will try and get a picture up of it soon

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Karen said...

wow Bev what can I say , I am so sorry to hear what has been going on, welcome back .I sent you a email hopefully it has got to you