Sunday, 19 May 2013


So this is what I have been stitching lately 
And this is what it will look like when finished
A long way to go, and she will be huge when completed 24" by 36" but worth it, and then there is this one I am trying not to start but I know I will soon as soon as I decided what colours to stitch her in.
My excuse is I have to stitch them to show people what they look like, we'll that's what I tell hubby lol

Think some more Threadworx is in order. Well off to see if I can get a bit of stitching in filigree Heart, this afternoon while drooling over Mr Gosling AKA sex god :D

Thursday, 16 May 2013

A simple reply

My husband always moans when I buy new fabric/charts/threads, even though he paid a fortune for a diesel  pressure washer, that sits in the shed.

So when he saw these ( which I thought I had i got away with, as he did not know they had come until my daughter told him)  threadworx - Kalebs Cherry Patch  I got another session of him having a winge, asking me why do I have to buy some much crap.

i didn't respond but I stitched this and it is now in room.

when I showed hubby he just laughed and said you better me make me one of this those so it says tools and I can put it in my shed, I think I may have shot myself in the foot here as I am always saying to him, that he does not need any more tools :/

Speaking of my room my eldest daughter moved out so I had claimed the room as men, I bought some paint and some opulence gold glitter glaze and I now have my very own office/craft/hiding from the kids room.
Just wish I got my time to spend in here :)

And finally on the frame ( yes I now the top and bottom fabric are on the frame wrong, but I was midway through changing it when I took the picture) here is the thread I bought, on dusky rosé fabric by polstitches. Not much to see at the moment but hopping to get some more stitches in it tonight

I will try and be a better blogger too, as I bought a. iPad so I can read the blogs I follow at night now, if I don't fall asleep playing candy crush - why did someone tell me to play that game, it's too additive!!