Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Goal Reached Just In Time

Well I Did it!! i reached my goal of completing four pages of my Mermaid this year, yes it is close and i would not have done it if i had not stitched all day during the Christmas holidays but i can now kit up for the HAED BB SAL that starts on Saturday, don't know what i am going to stitch until then, but i know my husband id relieved as i would not put the stitching down, and he was having to make his own cups of tea, aww poor thing lol.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Bit Like Christmas

My news years resolution should be do finish something i start. As blogging everyday didn't go to plan. But thats Christmas for you.
Anyway i am showing the very little progress i have done on Mermaid, can you see them 20 stitches? No, well honestly they are there!

Took the photo on my new christmas present, well to be honest hubby bought a camera and said it was a joint present for both of us to each other. Now i know i shouldn't be ungrateful but he wanted a camera so got it i didn't want it, yes its better than our old camera but it wasn't high on my list of 'must get', so will i get to unwrap a handbag, purse even some glovers or slippers on christmas day, No as i have it now, yes i am feeling in a very selfish mood tonight, bloody men well it could have been worse, it could have been some tool or kitchen appliance i got.

Grumpy Bev has now left the building, so back to normal service...
The 2011 Weekly Stitch-A-Long Blog is now up and people can join in and i have put on to carry on with mermaid, but i bought this chart from Celtic Rose Needlecraft,

some of you will know that i have stitched Marilyn before in the 2009 SAL blog. So i am not bot sure which to put forward for the blog.

There is also another SAL i am doing on the HAED BB. From the 5 charts i chose Hannah Lynn Fragile Heart, I have got the floss list emailed through to me so i know have to get my fabby sorted out and make sure i have all the floss, as this also starts on the 1st Jan 2011.

Will i finish a design next year, who knows i managed to finish 2 UFO's this year, i am hoping to finish at least one next year, and as for reaching my yearly goal on the HAED BB of finishing 4 pages of Mermaid, well that is looking less likely all the time

Friday, 17 December 2010

Page 3 Finally Done!!

Yes, Yes I know, no update or anything from me for a week, but what a week i have had, who was i kidding that i would be able to update never mind stitch! The last week of school term is mad, plays, Christmas dinner, parties, carol services, mad, mad, mad.
I have been starting work at 5 in the morning, finishing at 3 no breaks, no sitting down nothing, getting home and collapsing for a half a hour not moving, then starting again at home, so when i finally sit down later i have just been like a zombie, and they say men have it hard and we have it easy! when they finish work thats it, fat chance of women being able to do that!!!

OK rant over

Here is Mermmie, i was hoping to get page 4 finished before the year end, not sure if thats possible now, but going to give it a go, on the bright side i did finish page 3 !!!

a finish is a finish right? only another 21 pages to finish lol

as for the advent calender, well i haven't even had time to put it together yet,

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Damn You Internet

Yes I missed a day due to AOL deciding to throw a strop and stop working.

So here is Mermmie, and finally her face is done and I am starting to fill in her hair, you know the stitches that have just one colour in, damn they take some time doing. Love her face now

Yesterday we had a Log Roll, i always make them for Christmas Eve when we have the in laws over for tea,

 and today we have....

Mine Pies, NOOOO I detest Mince pies, with a passion, i WILL NEVER make them!!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Said i wouldn't Get Much Done

and today is a ham joint, i made a roast honey and mustard joint for Christmas last and it didn't last very long,now im off to drool over watch Eclipse again with the kids

Monday, 6 December 2010

Won't get Much Stitching Done Today

I started to do a bit of her hair, after i finish with the yellow at the bottom of the page I am going to finish them few stitches in her face, but this colour is taking ages to do.
I am going to Eclipse now though so i will have to give the TV for undivided attention, mmmm Team Jacob or Edward ( both I'm greedy lol)

 Today was a garland, we did have one but it got squashed in the suitcase and didn't reassemble anything so my youngest has now changed it into a wreath for her room , well i think its supposed to be a wreath anyway.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Its Officially Christmas

I decided to make the trifle( minus the sherry, yuck!) yes i changed my mind, but I'm a woman and thats what we do lol, I did get a bit carried away a bit with the chocolate flake, but who doesn't like chocolate!

As i thought, i didn't get much done on Mermmie but still progress it progress.

For the calender we have little biscuits, - if you can make them out, which no i am not making today. Maybe later though lol,

and why is official?   i have seen the Coca-Cola advert today, so Christmas is now here! now if only i could write the christmas cards out, however, it seems my children have bet me to it and used all the cards i bought and left us with  the dodgy ones. Lovely.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Salad Anyone?

Well the trifle didn't get made as the kids had ate all the jellies, and i wasn't going to go 5 miles to the nearest shop to get one, but after a bad day at work didn't really feel like making one.
I did manage to stitch some more on Mermmie, and i want to stitch on her all week. On the HAED BB my yearly goal was to stitch 4 pages of her, and i would like to nearly be there, as after page 4 ( not that i have finished page 3 yet) there is only 1 3/4 pages to stitch and a lot of them are blocks of colour.
I do think though that it looks a lot better when viewing from afar as when your right on top of it you can not make out any of the detail, it wasn't till i took a photo that i noticed the flower in her hair.
Not the best photo since my youngest dropped the camera in the snow. Will not get much done on her today as we are going to my mums for tea for my step dads birthday, and she doesn't like me stitching.

Today we have a bowl of Salad on the calender, hardly salad weather at the moment, as it is still cold. I am off to now thrash my youngest on Wii Fit, and prove that 37 is not ancient!

Friday, 3 December 2010


Yesterday was like the title says a busy day, i did manage some stitching just not on Christmas Dreams, the bed side lamp is much better for stitching and yes i was being lazy Mermmie was at the side of my bed so i stitched on her last night as my legs just couldn't make it down the stairs to get C-D.

After blogging i dug my car out, dug path out, baked the christmas cake, and boy you can smell the alcohol in it, put the Christmas Tree up ( which i hate but not buying a real tree this year) and managed to make hubby a steamed sponge pudding, all this in 4 hours, so today i was hoping that with it being -11 on the car temperature and black ice everywhere that they wouldn't open the school, but alas they have. The head who lives a mile from me had texted to say it took him an hour to get there( its 8 minutes normally) and be careful, I HATE ICE!! as much as snow.So instead of being able to finish the house off and then stitch i have now to crap myself while driving to work, yes i may live in a beautiful place but all the hills make driving bad at this time of year.

So roll on this afternoon, when i am home and can have the fire on and relax because, ice,snow and kids in school just don't mix!

oh i almost forgot today we have Trifle on the advent Calender. Sherry trifle, yes brings back memories of Christmas parties when i was a child in the 70's the women drinking Snowballs, men on the bitter and us kids sneaking some punch that would have but a horse on its back, while Slade and Wizard were playing full blast, never had trifle since then, may make it for tea tonight, that's if the kids haven't ate the jelly...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Let The Battle Begin

OK so the whole advent calender situation had not eased, the buses were cancelled, the roads were dodgy to say the least and the thought of digging the car out filled me with dread, why make work when it will snow again?

So  there was still no calender for the kids and they were drawing battle plans up, offering them a Kit Kat as a substitute  didn't seem to work and i knew they were up to something, They wouldn't even put the little Panetonne in its place on my advent Calender.

it had come to desperation now, where i had to accept defeat and go to the supermarket with the in-laws as my driving skills in the snow are crap.(plus my little focus was still covered and their 4x4 is a lot better in the snow than mine.)

So after spending 4 hours of being pulled to bits, from  'not making the Christmas cake months ago, what kind of wife am i?' to ' why am i putting the tree up too early, christmas eve is much better', and the classic 'my son could have been living in Australia if he hadn't met me and i had got pregnant',  I am finally  home, the kids have their advent calender, the oven is warming up as i am making the Christmas cake today (yes it is late but i was canceling christmas altogether when i first learnt we had to move) and i may even put the Christmas tree up, before all the snow melts and it no longer feels christmassy. The stitching may not be as much to show tomorrow, but i will spending the last day before they re-open the school tomorrow, getting into the christmas spirit.

I just wish a little elf would get into the christmas spirit and dig my car out for me... well the fruit for the cake will have to soak in the brandy a bit longer if i am to get my car out, unless my prays for more snow are answered. I am now off to battle the snow drift I may be some time...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Its the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Last year was the first year i didn't get my kids a chocolate advent calender each. I was fed up of the kids arguing over who had been opening their calender and sneaking heir chocolate out. Remember Billy Bob Thornton in 'Bad Santa' and the scene with the kids advent calender? Well that was our house every year.
So to stop the constant battles that took place i bought this advent calender, and there was peace and quiet, no more arguing over missing chocolate, there was just arguing over NO chocolate, it was worse than ever!
Who ever said best laid plans and all that...

Well i liked it, its by Amanda Loverseed, who designs the Cut Thru Designs by Bothy Threads, and being a cook and food i thought it was fitting, i even tried to make everything on the calender ( but failed miserably - it would have been cheaper to buy the chocolate advent calenders three times over) I can honestly say that i would not have been a candidate for attempting to cook an entire recipe book like Julie and Julia, ( i watched it last night while attempting to stitch with the crappy light)

But this year there has been mutiny in the ranks and i was subjected to an ordeal that will scar me for at least a week, they all ganged up on me and i was bombarded with snowballs, till i yielded.
( which to be honest didn't take that long) so yes they are now going back to their calenders with the chocolate that tastes awful in ( unless i buy a Cadburys one then it might be me sneaking chocolate out of them lol)
and we will once again have a house full of the joys of ' WHOS BEEN EATING MY CHOCOLATE!!!'  ringing all through the house, yes Christmas brings out all the joy and love - just not in our house.

So the reason for this babbling post is that i have decided to share my advent calender with you and every day will post the days picture of it, along with what stitching i happened to get done the day before even if it is only 10 stitches - you have been warned.

Now i just have to dig my car out of the 4 ft drift it is currently sitting in, and decide wether i dare drive in the snow, or catch a bus, which come to think of it i haven't seen a bus for a few days- and buy the kids their advent calenders before they sell out( and one for me- but thats just between us)

oh i forgot to add yesterday that this is the chart my hubby bought me to try and cheer me up ( i couldn't start my other new charts as he didn't know i got them lol) it is called Christmas Dreams, but look at all that detail i will still be stitching this when I'm 70!