Sunday, 6 February 2011

Before and After

Well we have finished taking out all the new units and replacing the doors, we were told to leave our new kitchen in, that we had paid for. I don't think so was a watered down version of what i said.
I mean what's the point as they are knocking the houses down, Hubby said they would take things out what they could sell, well we have left them a kitchen in. Just not our new one.

When i look at the photo now it reminds me how much hard work we put into the house and now we have a leave it all behind.

My mum did says that at least i am leaving that dreadful colour on my kitchen wall behind!
Honestly her house is painted in magnolia in every room, I hate magnolia with a passion. So guess what colour my new house is. Yes thats right Magnolia from floor to ceiling in every room!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I am Moving!!

I am still here, but i am not stitching at the moment as it has been a mad rush. To find a house that the rooms are bigger than a box has been hard, they were either far too small and expensive to rent, only for 6 months, or just right but way off our budget. So after months of looking and stressing  i can finally say we have got one!!
10 more days and were moving so now is the dubious task of packing. We have only been here 2 1/2 years and to say we had nothing after the house fire, how the hell did we manage to accumulate so much crap!!

So i have made a start on throwing out all the things that the kids have kept and not thrown out and trying to decide what we actually need and what i can make a start on packing. Next Saturday can not come soon enough, the days are dragging and i wish we could move this week!

I will have no internet for about 3 weeks when we move too so how we will cope we don't know, but hopefully my stitching mojo will have returned and i will have lots of updates to show. Now i am off to wade through all the things the kids have decided to keep and throw out, and what's betting that i will make a few changes there!