Sunday, 6 February 2011

Before and After

Well we have finished taking out all the new units and replacing the doors, we were told to leave our new kitchen in, that we had paid for. I don't think so was a watered down version of what i said.
I mean what's the point as they are knocking the houses down, Hubby said they would take things out what they could sell, well we have left them a kitchen in. Just not our new one.

When i look at the photo now it reminds me how much hard work we put into the house and now we have a leave it all behind.

My mum did says that at least i am leaving that dreadful colour on my kitchen wall behind!
Honestly her house is painted in magnolia in every room, I hate magnolia with a passion. So guess what colour my new house is. Yes thats right Magnolia from floor to ceiling in every room!


stitcheranon said...

That is the problem with rented houses..landlords can be very selective about what you can and cant do and as selective with their memories when it comes to leaving. Always get everything in writing. Good job you kept the old kitchen.
Good luck in your move!

Claire said...

I love the red colour,Good luck with the move.