Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas Stitching -Christmas Tree Free Chart 2013

So I started stitching the free chart that I uploaded onto the website this week, Christmas Tree. Here is my progress for today will post details on how to get it tomorrow 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Crafty Auction News, and a finish

This year I am not doing a giveaway as such for my charts for the followers you may remember I gave 12 charts away, one a month. Well this year I am auctioning off three prizes of 12, 5 and 3 charts, all to raise money for a woman get help with treatment she needs for her cancer battle ( it's a sad world,when money comes before peoples health and their right to fight for their life) anyway enough of my views. It's a silent auction and there is some wonderful prizes, including prints from Selina Fenech, Jasmine Beckett Griffith, Ching Chou Kuik, patterns from Joan Elliot, AAN, kits, fabric etc there are loads of goodies, it runs for this week so you need to be quick!!! 

The link is

Now onto the finish !!!!!
Yes that's right, I have a finish and I am on a roll :D

The only thing was I couldn't decide what to stitch next. I started the LK mystery SAL but not got very far with that, didn't like the fabric I got with it, so I got a nice ice pale value opal the only thing is I made a mistake when I started, and it's not in the middle Argh!!! That's what you get when stitching when mad. I am not pulling it out, it will just be a challenge to finish it ( speaking of finishing, I have still not. Finished the Halloween piece maybe next year lol)

On the freebie front I am drawing up a new Christmas freebie, so will post a link to it when I finish it, still playing about with it at the moment.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Simple stitch but taking so long to complete :(

So it's back to Dear Santa, and hopefully I will finish this, this week. I am sooooo slow. I am stitching the bottom in DMC 151 and I love this variegated thread, I wish I had stitch it all in this now :(

I am hoping to  another halloween piece in, but I have had a go at photo manipulation  and I love it! Here is my first attempt at it, yes it's not brilliant but I thought its a start :)

Also the halloween piece that I showed last post I have decided to upload it onto the website as a freebie as I was getting inundated with messages asking for the chart, so far it's had 350 downloads. Wow!!

Happy stitching everyone

Bev x

Monday, 14 October 2013

Second Finish Of The Year

I am so bad at blogging, yeah, yeah, I said i would keep it up, but i also said I wouldn't be fat and 40 and its my birthday in less than 4 weeks and i am still fat :(

oh well... It may have been because me stitching had stopped and i had nothing to show. i have though had a finish!! yeas thats two this year ( both super easy charts thought but a finish is a finish!)
Here is Halloween, stitch on Into The Mystic from Colour Cascade Fabrics. I love the colours wish i had opal though, I think i should stitch everything in opal!

And this is what i am going to be stitching next, Dear Santa...

I also signed up for the mystery LK sampler but its still in the wrapper i am not that keen on the fabby (maybe its because its not opal)

Monday, 8 July 2013

Halloween SAL?

Why am i so bad at blogging, time just slips away these days, and i lay in bed at night, thinking
'Tomorrow i will finish that chart, work on web site, do some stitching and write on my blog.'

But then i am lucky to work on a chart.

Bad Bev, bad bad Bev.

SO Geisha is pretty much like it was the last post, my dad has been ill so no stitching has been remotely attempted, however i did start on a piece for my sisters wedding, however i am not putting up here just yet, as I wouldn't want her to see it, so i have no WIP's to show you,What? a blog post with no pictures? We cant have that we have to have at least one!!

Well i have just finished a simple Halloween piece ( yes another with a spider, if you have been on the website, you may have seen that i did a spider, that i have to stitch!)

Well this one is for a SAL on Facebook that i was asked to design a chart for, I chose October, as i love stitching for Halloween, and this is what i came up with, not sure if its the right design of what they are looking for, as it has to be stitched in a month and not sure if its too small/big, but i like it. The SAL Group  is here if anyone is interested, they have a free design to stitch each month

Sunday, 19 May 2013


So this is what I have been stitching lately 
And this is what it will look like when finished
A long way to go, and she will be huge when completed 24" by 36" but worth it, and then there is this one I am trying not to start but I know I will soon as soon as I decided what colours to stitch her in.
My excuse is I have to stitch them to show people what they look like, we'll that's what I tell hubby lol

Think some more Threadworx is in order. Well off to see if I can get a bit of stitching in filigree Heart, this afternoon while drooling over Mr Gosling AKA sex god :D

Thursday, 16 May 2013

A simple reply

My husband always moans when I buy new fabric/charts/threads, even though he paid a fortune for a diesel  pressure washer, that sits in the shed.

So when he saw these ( which I thought I had i got away with, as he did not know they had come until my daughter told him)  threadworx - Kalebs Cherry Patch  I got another session of him having a winge, asking me why do I have to buy some much crap.

i didn't respond but I stitched this and it is now in room.

when I showed hubby he just laughed and said you better me make me one of this those so it says tools and I can put it in my shed, I think I may have shot myself in the foot here as I am always saying to him, that he does not need any more tools :/

Speaking of my room my eldest daughter moved out so I had claimed the room as men, I bought some paint and some opulence gold glitter glaze and I now have my very own office/craft/hiding from the kids room.
Just wish I got my time to spend in here :)

And finally on the frame ( yes I now the top and bottom fabric are on the frame wrong, but I was midway through changing it when I took the picture) here is the thread I bought, on dusky rosé fabric by polstitches. Not much to see at the moment but hopping to get some more stitches in it tonight

I will try and be a better blogger too, as I bought a. iPad so I can read the blogs I follow at night now, if I don't fall asleep playing candy crush - why did someone tell me to play that game, it's too additive!!

Friday, 15 February 2013

How Much?!!!

Yes that's what I shrieked out when I was told I had to pay £8.50 for ten threads of DMC. If I didn't want to finish this page so bad I would have out them down and ordered off the Internet.
Oh well.....
Todays update you can see the bottom of the nose appearing, hoping that it will look like a face soon

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I really need to get a full set of threads

I hate thinking I have got all the threads I need and then realising I have loads missing. Well I will have to work around the missing threads for now, so much for blending in the face, oh happy valentines day too

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sneak peek and update

Are you getting fed up of the daily posts? Not like me at all, still got very little done last night as I was working on two charts, Angel and Birth Of Magic there not finished yet hence the missing colours in the forehead, will finish them tonight I think and hoping to start to blend in the face a bit more too.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Second Preview and future charts i have to stitch

Quick progress picture, I am speeding along ( well for me the super slow stitcher) with All That Remains, it may be because of the way i am stitching now, making it possible to stitch two handed.

This is why It will actually look like when its finished . Do you ever look at something when stitching it and think I hope this is right lol 

 Not the best photo i know the light in the kitchen is not the best plus i  took it with my phone. But I want to get a fair bit done of the face of this as i have two.. no make that three charts i want to start, the first is a photo conversion i did myself of my new puppy Jake ( who thinks my millennium frame is an excellent chew) this is the photo...

and this is a mock up of how the chart will look ( the mock ups do not look the best and look at LOT better when stitched up)

Can you spot the difference?

yes i got rid of the piece of string from Jake deciding to attack a sock that is not in the photo.

I was then RAK this gorgeous chart from Tilton Crafts. This is the actual image as they don't provide mock ups so no idea how it will stitch up but still excited about this one.

and then finally i kitted up this chart, Love letters, from Love Thy Thread ( this is a mock up showing what the stitch piece will look like)

Monday, 11 February 2013

First Post Of 2013, shame on me!

You know it's been a while since you have done something online when you can't remember your password to get back on. After numerous attempts I can finally post. Why have I not blogged in what seems like months? ( probably because it is) Because there has been nothing to show. My stitching bug went on the back burner while I was busy being mum, wife, supervisor , taxi driver, cook, carer, cleaner and baby sitter when I did have me time I was busy charting.
However I picked the needle up again this weekend and had progress!
First I found a way of stitching comfy with my millennium frame making it so I can stitch with both hands( very important with me being such a slow stitcher) and I started a piece called All That Remains , not sure if you can make out what it is yet but it's part if the eye and face, so tonight I am just going to relax and stitch for the evening, and I can see how much I get done with my new found way :)

Happy stitching everyone!

Monday, 17 December 2012

The reappearance of Santa

This is what I have been re- stitching as a present for my mum as she liked mine so much I have also done the snowman but that has been posted off before I remembered to take a photo
Had to wait for mum mum to email me the picture before I could blog about it. I have not been well again so I am sticking with that excuse as why I keep forgetting things

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Fantastic review and giveaway time again( sorry)

I can not believe it is December already!

Stitching has been non existent lately  its been work, parents evenings, careers evenings, this evening, that evening etc it goes on and on, so last night with the WHOLE night to myself i sat on watched White Christmas, didnt pick up a needle just sat and vegged out.

On the stitching front i did a tiny amount on mermaid, but nothing to shout about. i love the frame but it took some getting used to with the size of it.

I have also had a review done by Gizzimomo AKA Thea HERE and it better than I thought it would be.

And since its December i am have 25% off everything on the website HERE, and have two fantastic artists that are joining us in the new year that you will love.

And finally having another giveaway, This time you receive a chart just for entering, these are just simple charts, which you can choose from. then the winner will win 3 charts of their choosing from the site as well, so its a win win situation, To enter just comment and mention in your blog, or go the the Facebook page HERE, Dont forget if you want the free chart that is only available to the people that enter  let me know your email address  either on the comment or email myself at  and let me know the chart you would like Christmas Cupcake,Under The Mistletoe or Snowflake. Competition ends on 24th December.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mrs Billy No Mates

There's nothing much to post really. Well on the stitching front I have nearly finished with 'merry' yes I know I said I would have had it done by now but I have been in agony with a abscess that made my eye shut completely, making me look like I had been in a boxing ring and having several visits to the hospital.
So stitching was the last thing on my mind.

I have however completely reworked the website which took me longer to do than I thought from making banners that looked professional to templates etc, anyway I have a few more charts to upload then it will be completely finished, I asked my husband if he had any comments good or bad as I like to know where I have to improve on , and do you know what he said .... " have you changed it?" Honestly !
So any feedback good or bad would be GREATLY appreciated ( )

And finally I have ignored my husbands sulking and I am going to the stitch Nd knit show in Harrogate on Saturday. I can not wait, I am praying they have a millennium frame and it's not too expensive and I am going to see about some hand dyed fabric too so I am going to be there when the doors open to make sure I don't miss out, if your going you will recognise me as the one on my own as no one wants to come with me. So iPhone charged up music on and shopping can't wait!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Half Of An M and one more day left of giveaway

Started the Christmas banner today, I only had some 28ct Jazlyn left so its not going to be a banner as such but just over 11 inch long. Just part of the letters M and E showing at the moment but I am hoping to have the word MERRY done by end of next week also a quick reminder that there is just tomorrow left to enter the giveaway for more details see the post below

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The 'C' Word is Coming!

Yes its November so that means GUILT FREE STITCHING!!!
Dark nights = more stitching + Birthday + Christmas, yes I can finally stitch for Christmas without anyone going, its JUNE!!
Wether I just stick with the while christmas theme all way though remains to be seen, since i have the patience of a fish it is highly unlikely, but last night i started doodling in photoshop and this is how it turned out this morning.

I wasn't really sure which way to do it, so MERRY had a different colour red in each letter, Christmas had 5 different colours in each letter.

I thought the green looked so much better, anyway i posted the picture on the Facebook page and this is what the end result looks like now

Yes the feedback was that the green looked better, so i have found a scrap bit of white 28ct so will start stitching this today, I asked hubby for a kindle Fire HD for my birthday but i think some fabric would also be in order ( whats betting i dont get either lol)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Giveaway,12 Charts!

First of all Happy Halloween, Cant believe its been ages since i was online, Family life has got in the way and i had to have time away from the internet.
But I am back now, the website is now all cleaned up and looking a lot better and i am holding aHalloween giveaway!

The Winner will win 12 charts, one to be picked every month for a year from the website!
I am also going to give a second and third prize if i get over 100 entries.
All you have to do is either go to the Love Thy Thread Facebook page and like and share the competition post or post a comment on this post and share on your blog, and thats it!

On the stitching front I have been stitching the Halloween freebie that I did unfortunately I didn't take a photo of it before I posted it to a relative and I have been working in a Christmas freebie too, and here is a small progress I made on mini Sundae Delight.

It's my birthday next week so I am hoping I can get a millennium frame so I can stitch better as I am not liking the tension I get with Q snaps.

Forgot to mention its a short giveaway and the winners will be drawn out on the 6th November, good luck!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Update three

Well this is a giveaway to what it is now I should have started in a different place in the pattern.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Second clue - competitoon

I really do not know where the weekend has gone I have done very little in the way of stitching so not really much more for you to see.I can see it more now, but then again I have the chart in front of me :)
Don't forget to look at my previous post for what you have to do.
Good luck!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Up for a little fun competition?

Ok so I am back at work now after six weeks and it's fair to say that it has been a shock to the system so very little( you can see what I mean by little) stitching has been done.

So for a bit of fun i have decided to have a little competition.

This is a chart from my website but can you guess which it is?

I will keep posting small updates to see if you can figure which one it is.

All you have to do it comment when you think you know which one it is, simple!

The first person who can tell me which one it is can choose any chart that they like from my site. You can have it sent as a PDF or through the mail.

A clue and I don't think it will help at all is it is DMC 934

Also I have been having problems with Facebook, on the love thy thread page which it seems Facebook will only show a small minority the post, and my personnel account in which my family and friends are bored with the stitchy stuff, so i have now combined the two hence my new profile.

Yes i know its not the same as a page but just send me a friend request where the only thing on my profile will be stitchy related 

Happy Stitching x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hello Again... I think, and ideas of a giveaway

hello?... is there anyone out there?...

hmmmm maybe not...

Am I talking to myself?  Well if I am I should be used to it,

Yes after over a year away from blogger when i moved over to the other side ( wordpress)

it seems that it has locked me out, wont let me renew my domain name ( well it would for a stupid price and i would have to restart the blog again)

so i am going to see if i can get this working, and see if there is anyone still out there that remembers me lol

OK the short version is, my stitchy bug buggered off for quite a while, then i started designing my own charts, sold a few on Etsy bought better software that Bothy Threads use, and started getting a few artists involved, now i have four already on the site, three more that i am working on their artwork at the moment, and five that are in various stages of talks with.

I have learnt so much,  but there is also a lot more to learn, I started stitching again, and I was asked by  a magazine IF they could use my pumpkin in a where to buy section, wether they use it or not i don't know, but in case they did i stitched it myself and this is what it turned out like.
I like how it turned out but i HATE stitching on black, took me a week to stitch but would have been a lot quicker on white.

I am contemplating what to do next, do i continue on my HAED, Snowman by Ruth Sanderson...

or do i start another one of mine, i do like this by Katie White...


and there are quite a few others that i love too, which i cant show at the moment.
At the moment i am thinking of a quick stitch and with it nearly being Halloween I am thinking of doing another seasonal chart.

I have also had a idea of doing giveaways on Facebook that i set up and newsletters, i wont bore you with the details but  you can find more out here on my other blog, and my website is here

If i am stitching something of mine then i will show it but otherwise i wont drone on about my site as i use my other blog for that.

I would be grateful though if i could get some feedback on the giveaways that i am going to do and the site, as i have done it myself as i couldn't afford to have it done for me and when i ask hubby he says its ok, he says everything is ok really so i need a honest opinion.

Well i hope someone is  still out there i am going to do a bit of blog hopping now since everyone is watching paranormal activity and i will cry if i watch it.
Happy Stitching


Wednesday, 15 June 2011


well for blogger that is anyway.
I may be making a mistake moving, but life is for making mistakes so I am jumping to the other side.

My new blog address is  yes i have my own domain, so yes im sorry you will have to update your blogroll, which if blogger is playing up, is a pain but i am holding a giveaway to celebrate my new space on the net...come on what are you waiting for?!?!?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Moving sides and details of upcoming Giveaway

After 4 years, 178 posts and tons of comments ( thank you i never knew i had that many), I am moving over to Wordpress, Blogger has lost my post and made me swear at the computer for the last time.
Will give details tomorrow of new blog  as i am waiting to finalise my web address, yes I am going Dot Com :) and i cant set google friends up till i have my web address done,
And to celebrate i will be having a giveaway. Where the winner can choose there prize, between, a HAED chart,   a £15 gift voucher to spend at sewandso, or a donation to their favourite charity ( we know how a caring lot us stitcher's are -for us, that have so much stash we will never live to see the day when we are able to stitch it all), plus a copy of new Magazine Mollie Makes.

Just don't tell the hubby :D

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Is Wordpress Any Good?

Blogger is really peeing me off lately, not uploading pictures, not saving ( which it is currently saying error occcured as i type again!) the list goes on so i am thinking about switching to wordpress, but not sure of the interface, could really do with some help here since i have been on here for 4 years, not sure really if wordpress or any others are good, so come on peeps spill the beans and let me now pleaseeeee.
.... oh i could show my stitching but pfft i got 20 stitches in total this week, damn work, damn my boss for deciding to moniter me this week, and damn me for not putting the lottery numbers on last night as i would have been a few more notes better off today. pah, i think i need to start this week again. If only we had a rewind button.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Attention of a Fish

Yes that is me, i get distracted easily, bored quick and would change the house around every week if i could. Yes i know i said i wanted to stick to my blog style for a whole year, but i did six months, instead of six days, so hey i am getting better.
Anyway on to the stitchyness.
This week on the HAED BB it is Freebie SAL week, so i got out Fragile Heart and i have done a bit on her, but now my mind is a wandering to another piece, it seems I do 4 days then want to change.
Yes i know i will never finish anything but as a wise woman said on the HAED BB stitching is supposed to be fun and not  a chore SO i am actually listenening to those wise words and putting her away till next SAL, or when she screams at me again, Yes i know 4 days of stitching a month wont finish her this year and i will fail  my yearly goals i set myself but sod it, i made 'em i can break 'em!  ( besides im going to fail on most of them anyway)

Well at least you can see what i did this time :)

Finally does anyone know where i can get the basics on where to learnt to crochet, I bought  the new magazine Mollie Makes and have subscribed for the next 3 issues.

so far its a huge thumbs up, and i would love to have a dabble at learning to crochet, but i dont know one end of a pointy thingy from the other (edited to add learnt it is called a hook, see I'm learning!)
 I was even going to buy a mag on crochet, but thought better of it. i mean i could buy tools to get started and still have change for the price it was!

I am also hoping that i will get a chance of making the cover kit on the next issue, as my youngest decided that she would have this issues and is in the process of making her phone cover, charming i know, honestly my kids will take anything of mine!

Crap photo but i am falling out with blogger tonight so it can stop, honestly i really need to stop shouting at my laptop

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

TUSAL and 4 Days On Corsair

Yes i have finally managed to actually get my TUSAL in on time, not much going on with it, but i am so tight with my threads but it is growing slowly.

Here is four days stitching on Corsair, she is growing but i didnt put a stitch in her today, as i was making the most out of no internet connection and getting the kids to help me outside. I don't really want to put it down but i need to spend a few extra days on Fragile Heart as i am falling way behind, if i want to actually finish a HAED this year.

This is what she looks like now...
                                       and this is what she looked like before the May SAL...
 i know what your thinking, wow she can stitch fast lol hoping i can redeem myself, but i am looking after my niece tomorrow so hoping this weekend will be better, will try and post a mid week update.