Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hello Again... I think, and ideas of a giveaway

hello?... is there anyone out there?...

hmmmm maybe not...

Am I talking to myself?  Well if I am I should be used to it,

Yes after over a year away from blogger when i moved over to the other side ( wordpress)

it seems that it has locked me out, wont let me renew my domain name ( well it would for a stupid price and i would have to restart the blog again)

so i am going to see if i can get this working, and see if there is anyone still out there that remembers me lol

OK the short version is, my stitchy bug buggered off for quite a while, then i started designing my own charts, sold a few on Etsy bought better software that Bothy Threads use, and started getting a few artists involved, now i have four already on the site, three more that i am working on their artwork at the moment, and five that are in various stages of talks with.

I have learnt so much,  but there is also a lot more to learn, I started stitching again, and I was asked by  a magazine IF they could use my pumpkin in a where to buy section, wether they use it or not i don't know, but in case they did i stitched it myself and this is what it turned out like.
I like how it turned out but i HATE stitching on black, took me a week to stitch but would have been a lot quicker on white.

I am contemplating what to do next, do i continue on my HAED, Snowman by Ruth Sanderson...

or do i start another one of mine, i do like this by Katie White...


and there are quite a few others that i love too, which i cant show at the moment.
At the moment i am thinking of a quick stitch and with it nearly being Halloween I am thinking of doing another seasonal chart.

I have also had a idea of doing giveaways on Facebook that i set up and newsletters, i wont bore you with the details but  you can find more out here on my other blog, and my website is here

If i am stitching something of mine then i will show it but otherwise i wont drone on about my site as i use my other blog for that.

I would be grateful though if i could get some feedback on the giveaways that i am going to do and the site, as i have done it myself as i couldn't afford to have it done for me and when i ask hubby he says its ok, he says everything is ok really so i need a honest opinion.

Well i hope someone is  still out there i am going to do a bit of blog hopping now since everyone is watching paranormal activity and i will cry if i watch it.
Happy Stitching



SoCal Debbie said...

Hi Bev, Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a new follower of yours too. I hope you have better luck with blogger this time. Looking forward to watching all your stitching progress. The pumpkin looks great!

Joysze said...

Hi Bev!!! So sorry to hear about wordpress. I hope Blogger will be good for you this time around.

The pumpkin looks great! :D