Sunday, 2 May 2010

How Many Times Have You Re-Started Something

OK I have stitching to show, i have been reading peoples blogs on  my ipod as my computer died a death ( ie the kids put all their crap on it and made it run slowwww) but now i have my own, yes own, not kids allowed to touch laptop, hubby can though so not all good news, though i gave him a stern talking to. No going on dodgy websites AT ALL!!! yes and the finger came out pointing too, so its offical i have turned into my mum lol.
Anyway back to stitching, after some nagging from my hubby i have finished another page of Bothy threads Cut Thru Gypsy Wagon, 4 down 2 to go, then the dreaded backstitch and theres a LOT!

And i have done some more of my wedding sampler, not much but since i have changed using the metallics thread to satin threads for the names i will fly through them this week, and will be starting the dreaded back stitch soon on this one too, at least HAED dont have back stitch in them...

and finally I really wanted to finish page one of Paradisal Bird, but alas no joy as everytime i picked it up the kids started playing up, hubby needed something you know how it goes, anyway this week is the Freebie SK SAL on the HAED Bulletin Board and i have restarted this piece 5 times!!!!!

First  attempt28ct 2 x 2 (cross stitch) - too gappy, the white showed through
Second attempt 20ct 2 x 1 ( cross stitch) - this was the other way around, too bulky and looked really scrunched up.
Third attempt 28 ct 1 x1 ( tent stitch) - too gappy again maybe i needed  to use two threads
Fourth attempt 28ct 2 x 1 (tent stitch)  yuck tent stitch, says it all really hated it, great for fast stitching but looking close up didnt look nice, so at least i now know that i prefer cross to tent
Fifth attempt 28ct 1 x 1 ( cross stitch) yes finally , why didnt i do this from the start i could have finished this one twice over the amount ot restarting i have done on this piece.