Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Simple stitch but taking so long to complete :(

So it's back to Dear Santa, and hopefully I will finish this, this week. I am sooooo slow. I am stitching the bottom in DMC 151 and I love this variegated thread, I wish I had stitch it all in this now :(

I am hoping to  another halloween piece in, but I have had a go at photo manipulation  and I love it! Here is my first attempt at it, yes it's not brilliant but I thought its a start :)

Also the halloween piece that I showed last post I have decided to upload it onto the website as a freebie as I was getting inundated with messages asking for the chart, so far it's had 350 downloads. Wow!!

Happy stitching everyone

Bev x

Monday, 14 October 2013

Second Finish Of The Year

I am so bad at blogging, yeah, yeah, I said i would keep it up, but i also said I wouldn't be fat and 40 and its my birthday in less than 4 weeks and i am still fat :(

oh well... It may have been because me stitching had stopped and i had nothing to show. i have though had a finish!! yeas thats two this year ( both super easy charts thought but a finish is a finish!)
Here is Halloween, stitch on Into The Mystic from Colour Cascade Fabrics. I love the colours wish i had opal though, I think i should stitch everything in opal!

And this is what i am going to be stitching next, Dear Santa...

I also signed up for the mystery LK sampler but its still in the wrapper i am not that keen on the fabby (maybe its because its not opal)