Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Is This The Strangest Thing You Have Seen Stitched?

ok as I was looking for a picture on the tinternet for the newston's law pic I am doing I come across this on google I put in newton, cross stitch and lets celebrate and this is what I come up with.

I have seen some things that has been cross stitched before but the female reproductive system is I think the strangest that I have seen.

So I was wondering what's the strangest thing you have seen that has been stitched?

when can i stitch?

i have been so busy with work, kids and trying to get house done for Xmas that i have not got much stitching done, but i did manage to finish my Santa what Karen sent me, but did i get a photo of it before my youngest gave it to her teacher, nope i was running around late again in the morning that i completely forgot.

i have started newtons law lets celebrate cross stitch, but theres nothing much

i have also set up another blog for me to rant and moan about everyday life( which is all i seem to do these days lol) and keep this one for my stitching.