Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mrs Billy No Mates

There's nothing much to post really. Well on the stitching front I have nearly finished with 'merry' yes I know I said I would have had it done by now but I have been in agony with a abscess that made my eye shut completely, making me look like I had been in a boxing ring and having several visits to the hospital.
So stitching was the last thing on my mind.

I have however completely reworked the website which took me longer to do than I thought from making banners that looked professional to templates etc, anyway I have a few more charts to upload then it will be completely finished, I asked my husband if he had any comments good or bad as I like to know where I have to improve on , and do you know what he said .... " have you changed it?" Honestly !
So any feedback good or bad would be GREATLY appreciated ( )

And finally I have ignored my husbands sulking and I am going to the stitch Nd knit show in Harrogate on Saturday. I can not wait, I am praying they have a millennium frame and it's not too expensive and I am going to see about some hand dyed fabric too so I am going to be there when the doors open to make sure I don't miss out, if your going you will recognise me as the one on my own as no one wants to come with me. So iPhone charged up music on and shopping can't wait!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Half Of An M and one more day left of giveaway

Started the Christmas banner today, I only had some 28ct Jazlyn left so its not going to be a banner as such but just over 11 inch long. Just part of the letters M and E showing at the moment but I am hoping to have the word MERRY done by end of next week also a quick reminder that there is just tomorrow left to enter the giveaway for more details see the post below

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The 'C' Word is Coming!

Yes its November so that means GUILT FREE STITCHING!!!
Dark nights = more stitching + Birthday + Christmas, yes I can finally stitch for Christmas without anyone going, its JUNE!!
Wether I just stick with the while christmas theme all way though remains to be seen, since i have the patience of a fish it is highly unlikely, but last night i started doodling in photoshop and this is how it turned out this morning.

I wasn't really sure which way to do it, so MERRY had a different colour red in each letter, Christmas had 5 different colours in each letter.

I thought the green looked so much better, anyway i posted the picture on the Facebook page and this is what the end result looks like now

Yes the feedback was that the green looked better, so i have found a scrap bit of white 28ct so will start stitching this today, I asked hubby for a kindle Fire HD for my birthday but i think some fabric would also be in order ( whats betting i dont get either lol)