Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Santa Claus Number 1- added pictures

Yes my threads arrived and I have finished LK Santa.

I have also bought a HAED which I love mermaids but hubby not that keen and if I am going to spend months (maybe years) stitching a design I want it on my room, so I bought this and he likes it, I don't know if it's the ship or the boobs but he's a man so you can make your own mind up. (you need to click on the picture to see all of it)

Finally my hubby bought me a cross stitch kit. I was stunned to put it mildly so instead of finishing another Xmas project I started last year I am now stitching another Santa, still in shock though

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Nearly There

Still no Gypsy wagon hubby says to shut up about it now, but i am still annoyed!!! But I am nearly there with Lizzie kates 'A good Night' just waiting for the threads that i ordered TWO weeks ago to arrive then i can finish it off and start another Santa. Yes i am Santa mad!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Exchange revealed

Stitching has been a bit on the slow side, and i am still waiting for some threads to continue with Lizzie Kates A good Night, but i did manage to stitch his beard and hats trim with wisper thread.

I also got some more ATCs from Janet and Beth. Thank you i love them!

From Beth:

From Janet.

I can also reveal my Lizzie Kate exchange that i sent to Jan. I am 'borrowing' the pictures that Jan has put on her blog as i forgot to take any pitures of it before i posted it off.
I enjoyed stitching this as it was a excuse to you DMC's satin threads for the first time. I stitched the top of the stocking with wisper thread too and i really was in two minds to keep it or not lol ( i will have to stitch this one again for me) as i think it is really cute!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Exchanges, Birthdays, and PIF

Well its been a while since I posted, as things have gone a bit sh*t around here, and then on top of it all I have misplaced ( i am not saying lost yet as i am hoping itwill turn up, although i have turned the caravan/car upside down) my gypsy wagon.

i took it on holiday I had stitched over half of it and now, is disappeared and i am really p****d off about it.What is it with Bothy Thread designs, the first one i did got burnt in the fire ( that was nearly finished) and this one, has gone for a walkabout, grrrr i think they maybe something in this, ie dont bloody stitch them!

So I have been stitching Lizzie Kates, A good night, until it turns up (Can you tel im hoping it does)

And yesterday i got some of my birthday ATC's from a exchange that i am in. So for the first time i had something to open ( my family say its too near xmas - i just think their tight lol)

From Ronel:

From Lynn

From Marie

from Cindy Mae

An then i got another surprise yesterday as my Lizzie kate exchange arrived too From Heather, which is just right for me( although hubby wishes it wasnt), so a Huge thank you to Marie, Ronel, Heather Lynn and Cindy-mae.

And I can show you the ATC that i stitched for Beth's Birthday ( i did put some buttons on the side but they kept falling, off, i think i need to invest in some super glue!

AND last but not least I need the addresses from Kath and Claire for the PIF, ( my email is in my profile) so then within 12 months, voila!! I can send you my PIF, now on to the ironing