Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Exchanges, Birthdays, and PIF

Well its been a while since I posted, as things have gone a bit sh*t around here, and then on top of it all I have misplaced ( i am not saying lost yet as i am hoping itwill turn up, although i have turned the caravan/car upside down) my gypsy wagon.

i took it on holiday I had stitched over half of it and now, is disappeared and i am really p****d off about it.What is it with Bothy Thread designs, the first one i did got burnt in the fire ( that was nearly finished) and this one, has gone for a walkabout, grrrr i think they maybe something in this, ie dont bloody stitch them!

So I have been stitching Lizzie Kates, A good night, until it turns up (Can you tel im hoping it does)

And yesterday i got some of my birthday ATC's from a exchange that i am in. So for the first time i had something to open ( my family say its too near xmas - i just think their tight lol)

From Ronel:

From Lynn

From Marie

from Cindy Mae

An then i got another surprise yesterday as my Lizzie kate exchange arrived too From Heather, which is just right for me( although hubby wishes it wasnt), so a Huge thank you to Marie, Ronel, Heather Lynn and Cindy-mae.

And I can show you the ATC that i stitched for Beth's Birthday ( i did put some buttons on the side but they kept falling, off, i think i need to invest in some super glue!

AND last but not least I need the addresses from Kath and Claire for the PIF, ( my email is in my profile) so then within 12 months, voila!! I can send you my PIF, now on to the ironing


Anonymous said...

Bev, so glad that it arrived and that you liked it. Was starting to get worried

Kathy said...

Those are such cute things you received for your Birthday. I hope that some of the day was worth celebrating!

Happy belated Birthday.

Ginnie said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday. I am sure your Wagon will turn up somewhere, I'm always loseing stuff but I normally find them eventually in the most odd places!

Neabear said...

I think I said Happy Birthday to you on the Stitch along blog and on your other blog. And I will also say it again here....Happy Birthday!! How cool you got some things in the mail! What fun!!

Claire said...

Hope you had a nice Birthday and your stitching turn's up.I have sent you my addy.

Fiona said...

aww i hope ur stitching turns up hun, I'm sure it will eventually :) I love that stitching cat design!

Carla said...

Hope your misplaced piece appears soon!
The ATC you received and the one you sent are really nice!!