Friday, 10 August 2007

Goodbye For Now

Well I have now got two teeth less, the dentist said that if i didtn tkae these teeth out the infection i have got in my gums( cant remember what she called it) will spread and i would need them all out, nice eh?

So I am now very sore, very fed up and Im not getting no sympathy here at all!!

on the bright side i knew that i would have false teeth at an early age as my teeth are very weak, so its two less to take out further down along the lines, not very nice thing to think about though at my age.

I hope everyone has a nice two weeks as Im off on my hols, we were going to the South Of France but with hubby having a £3,000 car bill, that went out of the window, as well did us going to Scotland.

The relatives found out we were coming up , so we cancelled that, dont get me wrong i love them all, but when you spend all the time visiting everyone, its no holiday for me.

So we are going to the Lake district for our hols, we have only been for a weekend once before, and it rained so hard the entire time we were there we didnt venture out of the caravan( we forgot our coats how daft was that lol), hopefully it wont be like that this time. I am looking forward to visiting all those craft shops up there, so hopefully I will get some much needed stash! lol

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Picture Of My First Scarf

Well I found the batteries for the camera, and yes Callum did have them, he's terrible if you need a battery you know where to look, doesn't matter if i buy him a multipack he says you can never have enough batteries, grrrr kids lol

Anyway!! heres the pictures of the scarfs that I knitted. The first one, doesnt look very neat but its the wool , honest!! lol
It was not the best of wool to learnt to knit with as one minute its really thick, the next its thin. But after pulling it all out and starting again, loads of times( I lost count how many- so you can tell it was a lot) I got the hang of it, I just knitted this one, as when I was purling with it , it looked awful, as my plan was to knot a garter knit scraf, but with this wool , nope my best laid plan went astray yet again!!

This is what I am currently stitching, which at first it was really hard to get the hang of it, as i kept putting my needles inbetween the hole in the wool( if you can call it that), but now its coming along really quick ( well not so much now since i am getting ready for the hols)
I haven't got much wool left , so I have bought some plae pink and lilac wool and I am going to knit a cushion cover for Nicole's bed, and have a go at actually following a pattern!!
I have less than an hour to go before Ihave to set off for the dentict and I am now feeling ILL!!!
Roll on tonight when its all over!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

I Wish It Was Tomorrow!

What a day I have had, I have had really bad toothache for weeks, but with me having a severe phobia about dentists( I had 4 teeth took out without anaesthetic, by a dentist who later got struck off for being drunk on the job, he made a mess and cut my gums and jaw, they were a real mess and when I was crying out in pain I was told to be quiet and it was all in my head- I was 11 at the time),

since then I never ever go unless I have to, I have weak enamel on my teeth and they can break apart from just eating a mars bar, so I will have to have false teeth before I am 40, I have been told theres nothing that they can do. My teeth are just too weak, That's what you get with not drinking milk.

Anyway I got the nerve up to go and get it done and I was going out of the house when I saw the caravan keys on the side. I went to put them away and saw the other pair had gone, they were no where to be found, I looked for 4 hours searching everywhere, unpacking everything that I had put in the caravan yesterday even going through the bins, not a nice job.

You see a year ago this week I had my caravan stolen by them nice people known as travellers, we had only had it 2 weeks and everything in it was brand new, even down to the cutlery, we were insured but it didn't cover everything and in two weeks we lost over 4 thousand pounds!!

Well they are back they didn't know I was in and was very surprised to see me, and they made an excuse about doing work for me, or I could buy a knock off leather sofa, I told them not very nicely to get lost and sod off back to Ireland, I rang the police and was told they knew they were in the area and even though I gave them the vans registration number there was nothing they could do unless they caught them in the act, typical!!

So there was no way I would go out without finding the keys, well Fours hours and one cancelled dentist appointment later, they have turned up on the kitchen table, hours after I looked for them there in the first place, since that is where I left them last.

I have no idea where they have been, but I know that they wasn't there before as I took everything off the table.

Now I have rung the Dentist up again and they are letting me in at 9am tomorrow so I will have another sleepless night worrying about the dentist, I'm just having one of those days!!!

How Busy Can I Be????

I cant believe that I have been at home nearly 3 weeks and I have got nothing done!!
No painting the sunhouse and sewing some muslim to cover the windows, no decorating the kitchen and hall, nope nothing... all i have done is run around after the kids taking to them to their friends, having their friends here, it has been a complete nightmare.

I am now in the process of getting ready for our hols, which we are supposed to be off for 2 weeks bit its looking more likely that we will be off for just one, due to the fact that there is never enough bloody money!!

So i spent all yesterday ironing, sorting out all the clothes that the kids have but don't ft them ( you wouldn't believe the amount of clothes they have had a few months that don't fit them now and they are still brand new- that was another trip to the charity shop, i know i could sell them but I take them to Help the Aged, let them get some money for them) and packing.

I have cleaned the cooker( 3 hours i was so fed up) and the freezer, cupboards etc - why I do it I don't know but I do, know I am so knackered I haven't even looked at any stitching I'm just crawling into bed and I'm straight to sleep.

I have though finished the Oriental lady kit that you get free with the cross stitcher magazine, and I did finish my first scarf and I am now knitting another for when I go out at night( Lauren as said she is going to pinch it and use it as a belt to go with her jeans, hmmmm that's what she thinks lol) I will put a picture up of them when I can find the batteries to the camera, looks like Callum has took them for his Xbox remote control ( that will teach me for buying him a wireless one)

I started doing another scissor fob that I am making for an exchange but I haven't picked it up since I lost( Lauren borrowed it, and now she cant find it ARGHHH!!!) my thread heaven and I hate using metallic's without using it, as you know its not the best of thread to use.

I have now got to decide what to take with me to stitch on my hols ( you can bet it will be raining so I will get plenty of time to stitch, might take my knitting with me too, and have a go at decreasing and increasing, and try and make sense of a pattern- he will have a fit when he ses what I am planning on taking lol)

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer