Wednesday, 8 August 2007

How Busy Can I Be????

I cant believe that I have been at home nearly 3 weeks and I have got nothing done!!
No painting the sunhouse and sewing some muslim to cover the windows, no decorating the kitchen and hall, nope nothing... all i have done is run around after the kids taking to them to their friends, having their friends here, it has been a complete nightmare.

I am now in the process of getting ready for our hols, which we are supposed to be off for 2 weeks bit its looking more likely that we will be off for just one, due to the fact that there is never enough bloody money!!

So i spent all yesterday ironing, sorting out all the clothes that the kids have but don't ft them ( you wouldn't believe the amount of clothes they have had a few months that don't fit them now and they are still brand new- that was another trip to the charity shop, i know i could sell them but I take them to Help the Aged, let them get some money for them) and packing.

I have cleaned the cooker( 3 hours i was so fed up) and the freezer, cupboards etc - why I do it I don't know but I do, know I am so knackered I haven't even looked at any stitching I'm just crawling into bed and I'm straight to sleep.

I have though finished the Oriental lady kit that you get free with the cross stitcher magazine, and I did finish my first scarf and I am now knitting another for when I go out at night( Lauren as said she is going to pinch it and use it as a belt to go with her jeans, hmmmm that's what she thinks lol) I will put a picture up of them when I can find the batteries to the camera, looks like Callum has took them for his Xbox remote control ( that will teach me for buying him a wireless one)

I started doing another scissor fob that I am making for an exchange but I haven't picked it up since I lost( Lauren borrowed it, and now she cant find it ARGHHH!!!) my thread heaven and I hate using metallic's without using it, as you know its not the best of thread to use.

I have now got to decide what to take with me to stitch on my hols ( you can bet it will be raining so I will get plenty of time to stitch, might take my knitting with me too, and have a go at decreasing and increasing, and try and make sense of a pattern- he will have a fit when he ses what I am planning on taking lol)

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great holiday and a girl can never have enough stitching/knitting on the go lol

Hope your thread heaven turns up soon! Mine are still too little to want to be interested in all my stash just yet ;) There's time though!

Dawn x

Cheryl said...

I hope you have a great holiday, sounds like you need a break! Where are you off to?
Love the oriental lady, she looks great.

Carla said...

I glad to know I'm not the only one who thought the colors on Oriental Lady did not blend... I think the beads that you added :)
Have a great holiday!!

Sue said...

I hear you sister, about being so busy you can't think sometimes. Your BBD piece looks great ;)

Sally said...

Your oriental lady looks great Bev.

Sounds like you have been really busy.