Wednesday, 8 August 2007

I Wish It Was Tomorrow!

What a day I have had, I have had really bad toothache for weeks, but with me having a severe phobia about dentists( I had 4 teeth took out without anaesthetic, by a dentist who later got struck off for being drunk on the job, he made a mess and cut my gums and jaw, they were a real mess and when I was crying out in pain I was told to be quiet and it was all in my head- I was 11 at the time),

since then I never ever go unless I have to, I have weak enamel on my teeth and they can break apart from just eating a mars bar, so I will have to have false teeth before I am 40, I have been told theres nothing that they can do. My teeth are just too weak, That's what you get with not drinking milk.

Anyway I got the nerve up to go and get it done and I was going out of the house when I saw the caravan keys on the side. I went to put them away and saw the other pair had gone, they were no where to be found, I looked for 4 hours searching everywhere, unpacking everything that I had put in the caravan yesterday even going through the bins, not a nice job.

You see a year ago this week I had my caravan stolen by them nice people known as travellers, we had only had it 2 weeks and everything in it was brand new, even down to the cutlery, we were insured but it didn't cover everything and in two weeks we lost over 4 thousand pounds!!

Well they are back they didn't know I was in and was very surprised to see me, and they made an excuse about doing work for me, or I could buy a knock off leather sofa, I told them not very nicely to get lost and sod off back to Ireland, I rang the police and was told they knew they were in the area and even though I gave them the vans registration number there was nothing they could do unless they caught them in the act, typical!!

So there was no way I would go out without finding the keys, well Fours hours and one cancelled dentist appointment later, they have turned up on the kitchen table, hours after I looked for them there in the first place, since that is where I left them last.

I have no idea where they have been, but I know that they wasn't there before as I took everything off the table.

Now I have rung the Dentist up again and they are letting me in at 9am tomorrow so I will have another sleepless night worrying about the dentist, I'm just having one of those days!!!

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