Friday, 10 August 2007

Goodbye For Now

Well I have now got two teeth less, the dentist said that if i didtn tkae these teeth out the infection i have got in my gums( cant remember what she called it) will spread and i would need them all out, nice eh?

So I am now very sore, very fed up and Im not getting no sympathy here at all!!

on the bright side i knew that i would have false teeth at an early age as my teeth are very weak, so its two less to take out further down along the lines, not very nice thing to think about though at my age.

I hope everyone has a nice two weeks as Im off on my hols, we were going to the South Of France but with hubby having a £3,000 car bill, that went out of the window, as well did us going to Scotland.

The relatives found out we were coming up , so we cancelled that, dont get me wrong i love them all, but when you spend all the time visiting everyone, its no holiday for me.

So we are going to the Lake district for our hols, we have only been for a weekend once before, and it rained so hard the entire time we were there we didnt venture out of the caravan( we forgot our coats how daft was that lol), hopefully it wont be like that this time. I am looking forward to visiting all those craft shops up there, so hopefully I will get some much needed stash! lol


Cheryl said...

Ouch, I hope the pain eases soon!
Have a lovely holiday and i hope the weather is nice for you :)

Sally said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Bev. I have a huge fear of dentists too and really hate going.

Enjoy your holiday. We went to the Lake District a few years ago and had fantastic so will keep my finger's crosssed for you.

Carla said...

Hope your feeling better. Have fun on you holidays!

Karen said...

I hope you are feeling better, Have a great holiday

selina said...

aww, beth .. sorry I did not see this earlier. I hope your appointment went ok :-) I hate the dentist too.

Have a lovely holiday. Hope the weather is great.

Name: Vicki said...

I, too, hope you are feeling better soon! I also hate going to the dentist and a toothache is the worst pain I have ever had!! My kids loved going to the dentist! I took them to a pediatric dentist, and he was wonderful with them!! Hope you have a great, restful holiday! And you are right - visiting relatives is NO vacation! Have fun!