Friday, 15 February 2013

How Much?!!!

Yes that's what I shrieked out when I was told I had to pay £8.50 for ten threads of DMC. If I didn't want to finish this page so bad I would have out them down and ordered off the Internet.
Oh well.....
Todays update you can see the bottom of the nose appearing, hoping that it will look like a face soon

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I really need to get a full set of threads

I hate thinking I have got all the threads I need and then realising I have loads missing. Well I will have to work around the missing threads for now, so much for blending in the face, oh happy valentines day too

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sneak peek and update

Are you getting fed up of the daily posts? Not like me at all, still got very little done last night as I was working on two charts, Angel and Birth Of Magic there not finished yet hence the missing colours in the forehead, will finish them tonight I think and hoping to start to blend in the face a bit more too.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Second Preview and future charts i have to stitch

Quick progress picture, I am speeding along ( well for me the super slow stitcher) with All That Remains, it may be because of the way i am stitching now, making it possible to stitch two handed.

This is why It will actually look like when its finished . Do you ever look at something when stitching it and think I hope this is right lol 

 Not the best photo i know the light in the kitchen is not the best plus i  took it with my phone. But I want to get a fair bit done of the face of this as i have two.. no make that three charts i want to start, the first is a photo conversion i did myself of my new puppy Jake ( who thinks my millennium frame is an excellent chew) this is the photo...

and this is a mock up of how the chart will look ( the mock ups do not look the best and look at LOT better when stitched up)

Can you spot the difference?

yes i got rid of the piece of string from Jake deciding to attack a sock that is not in the photo.

I was then RAK this gorgeous chart from Tilton Crafts. This is the actual image as they don't provide mock ups so no idea how it will stitch up but still excited about this one.

and then finally i kitted up this chart, Love letters, from Love Thy Thread ( this is a mock up showing what the stitch piece will look like)

Monday, 11 February 2013

First Post Of 2013, shame on me!

You know it's been a while since you have done something online when you can't remember your password to get back on. After numerous attempts I can finally post. Why have I not blogged in what seems like months? ( probably because it is) Because there has been nothing to show. My stitching bug went on the back burner while I was busy being mum, wife, supervisor , taxi driver, cook, carer, cleaner and baby sitter when I did have me time I was busy charting.
However I picked the needle up again this weekend and had progress!
First I found a way of stitching comfy with my millennium frame making it so I can stitch with both hands( very important with me being such a slow stitcher) and I started a piece called All That Remains , not sure if you can make out what it is yet but it's part if the eye and face, so tonight I am just going to relax and stitch for the evening, and I can see how much I get done with my new found way :)

Happy stitching everyone!