Thursday, 9 June 2011

Is Wordpress Any Good?

Blogger is really peeing me off lately, not uploading pictures, not saving ( which it is currently saying error occcured as i type again!) the list goes on so i am thinking about switching to wordpress, but not sure of the interface, could really do with some help here since i have been on here for 4 years, not sure really if wordpress or any others are good, so come on peeps spill the beans and let me now pleaseeeee.
.... oh i could show my stitching but pfft i got 20 stitches in total this week, damn work, damn my boss for deciding to moniter me this week, and damn me for not putting the lottery numbers on last night as i would have been a few more notes better off today. pah, i think i need to start this week again. If only we had a rewind button.


Anonymous said...

I have never moved my blog from Blogger to Wordpress, but I use wordpress and I really like it. It is pretty basic and easy to figure out. I have never had trouble loading pictures or anything like that. I used Blogger for another blog for a little while, but I can tell you that I greatly prefer Wordpress. Good luck with your decision!

Sarah said...

Ow, i try to write in english.

I love the 2.


verry good to follow
followers write a messager lover with blogspot, than mit wordpress.
not good for photo, write somthimes,..


Follow can you with bloglovin ;)
good for photo's, write, ...

i can not between with a want lover ;)

Good luck.

I hope a have write everything ok ?

Mvg Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hey :)
My first blog was wordpress and I like it. Before I started I was not really sure which blog I should take. So I made a kind of list about the different things.
Only by reading I noticed that there are often problems with Blogger. People complained about being unable to post pictures or that Blogger deletes posts, sites were down for a couple of days, comments disappeared, people were unable to comment due to a problem with their Blogger account. I use an Rss-Feed-Reader and when Blogger was down for a while the feeds got crazy. Somehow posts showed up that were months old (that freaked me out...) and some new posts were still lost.

I never noticed these problems with Wordpress. I watch a couple of Wordpress blogs and they seem to be working. In my years reading blogs I noticed only once that Wordpress was down and that was only for one evening and the next morning EVERYTHING was alright again, no posts lost, no comments lost, no Rss-Feed chaos...

Concerning working with Wordpress:
As I said, it is my first blog. I had a homepage when I was younger but it wasn't much of technique to bring that up. So I am a newbe to blogging. When I started I didn't know anything and it just worked. I didn't need any help from Google to get things going, so I can say that navigating Wordpress and working with it is really simple.

All in one Wordpress was my first choice and I don't regret it. Maybe you should just give it a try. Put up a blog and play with the navigation and all the features. If you like it, go for it and if you don't like it, stay with Blogger. :)
Good luck!

mdgtjulie said...

I agree with the previous comment. You can try it and see if you like it better. After all, it's free to join!! And if you don't like it, you can always stick with blogger!! Have fun playing with it!!

nima said...

comparing blogger and wordpress...there are many goods and bads in both. you have to try that and decide...which one you like more.

i'm using windows live writer to upload my blogpost....and it is supper easy to upload i prefer to continue in blogger.