Monday, 6 June 2011

Attention of a Fish

Yes that is me, i get distracted easily, bored quick and would change the house around every week if i could. Yes i know i said i wanted to stick to my blog style for a whole year, but i did six months, instead of six days, so hey i am getting better.
Anyway on to the stitchyness.
This week on the HAED BB it is Freebie SAL week, so i got out Fragile Heart and i have done a bit on her, but now my mind is a wandering to another piece, it seems I do 4 days then want to change.
Yes i know i will never finish anything but as a wise woman said on the HAED BB stitching is supposed to be fun and not  a chore SO i am actually listenening to those wise words and putting her away till next SAL, or when she screams at me again, Yes i know 4 days of stitching a month wont finish her this year and i will fail  my yearly goals i set myself but sod it, i made 'em i can break 'em!  ( besides im going to fail on most of them anyway)

Well at least you can see what i did this time :)

Finally does anyone know where i can get the basics on where to learnt to crochet, I bought  the new magazine Mollie Makes and have subscribed for the next 3 issues.

so far its a huge thumbs up, and i would love to have a dabble at learning to crochet, but i dont know one end of a pointy thingy from the other (edited to add learnt it is called a hook, see I'm learning!)
 I was even going to buy a mag on crochet, but thought better of it. i mean i could buy tools to get started and still have change for the price it was!

I am also hoping that i will get a chance of making the cover kit on the next issue, as my youngest decided that she would have this issues and is in the process of making her phone cover, charming i know, honestly my kids will take anything of mine!

Crap photo but i am falling out with blogger tonight so it can stop, honestly i really need to stop shouting at my laptop


mdgtjulie said...

Your orchid is gorgeous Bev!! And, if you have the attention span of a fish, who cares?!? As long as you're okay with it, it's all good!! (And as long as you're stitching on something, does it really matter what?)

Wendy said...

I´m sure your a lovely, sparky fish, lol !

as long as your having fun, and not completely burried in ufo´s, I don´t see why you cannot start a new project.
I see you only have 3 WIP´s right now, I´ve seen blog with 17 or more !

I´ve put you on my blogroll, so I can see you `pop up `every time you have a new post.

Joysze said...

Oooh, I like your new skin. :D It's much easier to read that the white on black. :D

Gorgeous orchid!! When those bulbs open, it's going to be stunning.

mdgtjulie said...

I would be the one with seventeen WIPs, lol. I actually have a couple more than that, but not all of them are in my rotation!!! If you only have three, you're doing well!!!

anojaa said...

The new design of your blog looks great, I love all the colourful bubbles!
Good luck with the crochet, I 'm sure you will do wonders with it!
Your orchid is gorgeous!

spudballoo said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I learnt to crochet using a great little pamplet called 'Crochet Unravelled' and used a few You Tube videos to assist. Happy hooking! x