Monday, 8 July 2013

Halloween SAL?

Why am i so bad at blogging, time just slips away these days, and i lay in bed at night, thinking
'Tomorrow i will finish that chart, work on web site, do some stitching and write on my blog.'

But then i am lucky to work on a chart.

Bad Bev, bad bad Bev.

SO Geisha is pretty much like it was the last post, my dad has been ill so no stitching has been remotely attempted, however i did start on a piece for my sisters wedding, however i am not putting up here just yet, as I wouldn't want her to see it, so i have no WIP's to show you,What? a blog post with no pictures? We cant have that we have to have at least one!!

Well i have just finished a simple Halloween piece ( yes another with a spider, if you have been on the website, you may have seen that i did a spider, that i have to stitch!)

Well this one is for a SAL on Facebook that i was asked to design a chart for, I chose October, as i love stitching for Halloween, and this is what i came up with, not sure if its the right design of what they are looking for, as it has to be stitched in a month and not sure if its too small/big, but i like it. The SAL Group  is here if anyone is interested, they have a free design to stitch each month


Kaisievic said...

This is such a cute design - you are very talented. So sorry to hear that your Dad is ill. Sending prayers your way.

Mii Stitch said...

You've created a lovely design, I'm sure the SAL group will love it!

TammyK said...

Great Halloween piece :-)

Sorry to hear your dad is ill...

Julie said...

Super chart!