Monday, 17 November 2008

My First Happy Dance Of The Year

I have been so busy all week, what with decorating, varnishing and been a taxi for the kids ( you know your old when your children have better social lives than you do), that i havent been able to show the progress that I have made with my birthday present that the children bought me, I finally finished it tonight and now i cant wait to stitch anything to do with Christmas

I love Christmas, buy Hubby hates it says it just an excuse to get into debt, i keep telling him you dont have to be rich to enjoy it, and we have told the kids that it wont be a lot they get and they understand that having trainers costing £100, ( which i will never buy them as think what a waste of money) and the latest gadget isnt going to be the death if them, but i still cant wait to go out and buy a tree and decorate it. last year I had just under 300 baubles, luckily they were not in the house when we had the fire so we still have them, we did however lose the artifical tree that the mum-in-law gave us, so at least something good did come from the fire lol

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Nicole said...

well done mum!!!!!!!!!!!