Monday, 3 November 2008

Catching Up

After 3 hours i have finally managed to get onto the net at home, ok its dial up and OMG is it slow but hey i am back online, and you dont know how much you use it till its gone. I just have to keep remembering to not keep opening up new tabs to look at different sites while i wait for the pages to load as it takes far too long.

i have so much to catch up on, there is no way i would be able to read everybodys blogs for a year but will have to get a phone extension line at the moment i am sat at the bottom of the stairs ans it aint very comfy lol.

It took me ages to remember my sign in to get onto here and can i remember anything else, nope its ok having a new laptop but all my favourites have gone, argh lol

also wanting to find something to stitch so going to look on the net for some freebies for xmas, my house is coming together slowly but the walls are bare, you know what it like when you take down the christmas decorations you house feels empty, well its like that. so now im on here the ironing can wait, so can the varnishing( i hate varnishing and having to do 6 doors is a real pain), i am itching to stitch, of yes i have got the bug back!!!

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