Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Bit Pathetic Really!

Pathetic start, or what!

That's it, all i got done on the Gypsy caravan, for a full week.

To be honest i have felt like crap all week and the last thing i wanted to do was stitch. so i am really disappointed with what i got done. BUT my wedding sampler came so i am going to sit and work on that today, what bliss, i love it when it snows and i get the day off. It is also on the enchanted needle website now to buy.It is everything that i asked. i said what i would like to be put on, and what i liked about her designs that Wendy already had what i would like included and here it is!!!showed hubby it was on the website last night and he said that he is famous ha, in your dreams boyo. fingers are itching to start, will put my progress what i get done today on later


Angela said...

Any start is a good start no matter how little is achieved.

Shellie said...

I agree with Angela, ive never done any of these cut thru pictures but I will be watching your grow with a lot of pleasure
Happy Stitching and welcome to my blog too thanx for being a follower
Happy Stitching

Enchanted said...

Hi Bev
What a shock! I stumbled across your blog just a minute ago after following a link on the web for Enchanted-Needle! Am so chuffed you like the sampler! I was worried the back-stitch might get too much for you - but having seen that you are a pro- (doing the cut-thru series) I have no need to stress! Can't wait to see your progress! Have started it myself and may do a little more tonight whilst consuming a large glass of wine (it's been a very long day)!!

Love Wendy x