Monday, 5 October 2009

The Witches Are A Brewing (Finished in other words)

Finally finished Brig & Doon, cant believe it took so long doing it Vonnas way, that i actually went back to the old way of using the needle and much quicker, but yes the threads were getting tangled and twisted again, pah! i give up, either slow and neater or faster but not as neat, will have to see how the mood takes me.But i did enjoy stitching it why didnt i start stitching for halloween before there are so many designs that i want to stitch.
I bought some glow in the dark thread by DMC so i want to stitch something for halloween with that.

I am also struggling which LK desgin to chose for the LK exchange, i have narrowed it down now so i will let me duaghter chose, so hopefully i will get it sent off by next week.
And i have finally done some more work on the gypsy wagon, i finshed all the red on page 3. I have decided that there are that many colour changes per page that i am going to do each colour then move onto the next,i just hope that i havent gone wrong along the line, else i will be pulling my hair out!!,


Gaynor said...

The gypsy wagon looks great and the witches are perfect. The thing with slow and neat is that with practice, it too gets quicker lol.

Angela said...

Your witches look great. I like the idea of glow in the dark thread.

I hate it when there are loads of colour changes as I find I spend more time deciding which colour to do next than I do stitching.

Fiona said...

OMG I love Brig & Doon!! I also love halloween designs!! Passione Ricamo website has a lovely little ghostie with a trick or treat bag which would look fantastic stitched with glow in the dark thread!

CindyMae said...

The witches look fantastic!! Wonderful progress on Gypsy Wagon as well, it is looking awesome!

tkdquintmom said...

omg those witches are too darn cute!