Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I won!!!

I have been neglecting my poor blog life recently, busy busy busy and not doing things i want to be busy with either, but such is life for many so i am not going to complain ( much)

Anyway now i can actually get on the laptop- only because the kids ares getting ready for school. i can show you a update of Ricos, Santa Wall hanger, hoping this will be easliy finished by Sunday.

I have also had a try at gridding using Sulky threads as recommended by people on the HAED Bulletin Board and me of little faith has just pulled them out and it really works!! so gridding is the way for me to go if it makes no more ( or certainly less) frogging then i am all for it., and i wouldnt have had the problem of having a Santa thats not in the middle of my fabric, i still don't know how that happened.

I have also got my 25ct Luguna for the mermaid HAED and i only needed 16 colours out of the 120 that are in the picture, but yet again i am waiting for threads.

And finally i WON the giveaway that Lisa was doing on her blog, Thank you So much, I have already spent the money on some more Lugana for a Freebie SAL that they are doing on the HAED BB, and yes its a mermaid, no surprise there! lol. I  am still in shock as i never win anything!


Tracey said...

Congrats Bev! I never used to win anything either til I started blogging. lol Now I feel like the most blessed stitcher in the world! Your WIP is looking great!

Stitching Kath said...

what are sulky threads????

Yoyo said...

Congrats on your win, very nice.

I also don't know what sulky threads are but the really really cheap way to go for your gridding is 6#Test fishing line, now that comes out soooooooooooooo easily and you do not even have to worry about stitching right over it, it will still come out easily. Green line for light colored fabric and clear for the dark ones. I recently discovered this works well on 40ct fabric too, I was a little leary about trying it on 40ct, but it was fine.

Neabear said...

Thanks for the tips on what thread to use for the gridding. Also to the commenter about the fishing line. I will have to look for that for my next project. The Santa is looking great!