Saturday, 5 September 2009

How Soon Is Xmas?!? (pictures now added)

Well I did get some stitching done on holiday, but i am starting to regret starting it, as i was listening to the radio and there is only 16 weeks to Christmas, 16 WEEKS!!!! argh i need to get stitching for xmas and i started this thing , think it may be a case that it gets done at weekends. Why the bloody hell did i start this gypsy wagon!! I am also stitching a card for someone,not saying who in case they see, but its a bloody nightmare stitching it on the blue evenweave, the black aida i used with Marilyn was not as bad as this, so instead of being a quickie stitch it aint turning out that way.

I have also done another ATC, but its flying its way over the Atlantic so cant show that just yet. now i need to try and get this card done sharpish else it will be very late.

I have also dyed some opalescent evenweave that i had a pale blue, for my christmas project that i am going to stitch first. I haven't stitched a traditional piece before, i must be growing up !

And finally i have framed marilyn and she is now on the wall in the room, my mum saw it and wanted me to stitch her one, for her birthday next week, well she can nelly!!


Gaynor said...

16 weeks!!!!! Why did you put it on your blog???? Now I am stressed as well!! Arghhhhhhh ROFL ;-)Maybe I could change faith..something non-xmassy? Ah well...better go and start planning the shopping ;-(
no...I have a better idea than that...gonna so some stitching instead lol
I lookforward to seeing Maz. framed lol

Emma said...

I better start stitching my Christmas cards!!! :) x

tkdquintmom said...

Wait...she wanted you to have that stitch BY next week??? oh ha ha mom....very funny, right? *giggle* Wait I can't do 16 weeks, can we postpone? I'm in my Halloween Mojo mood right now!

Ginnie said...

Marilyn looks fantastic. Good job I started some of my Xmas stitching this weekens... the countdown is on!

Tammy said...

Well I love that gypsy wagon!!! And I can sure see why your mom wants one of those Marilyns for herself--that turned out stunning!

spicyapplepie said...

Wow your stitching is fabulous!