Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Bad Starts and Messy Houses

Started work today and well to say the woman who is in charge is not a people person is an understatement!!

If I did anything that was different from her way, she would bark at me ' you don't do it that way!!', I'm stood there thinking,2 its my first day you have to show me the way you do things", But i was good I just smiled bit my lip and did it the way she had shown me. All day she would say you should have had that done by now , you are too slow at doing it I'm not happy.

Okay I'm moaning now, but on your first day you expect people to understand that your new and be patient with you until you know what to do and where everything goes without being told, and not roll there eyes and walk off.

DEFINATELY not an understanding person.

Winge over now, lol on the stitching front, i have made progress with the lickle ted card but i have put it to one side to make a start on some blackwork, however with the kids on holiday it seems that that is going to be easier said than done,come back from work today and it looked like a pig sty, and i had cleaned it all the way through before i went to work. Kids don't you just love them|!!

Oh and Happy Birthday Callum 10 today!!!!

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